After Sales Service Management Software

After sales is another important aspect in the business process of any company. It takes care of the current customer and satisfies them with the service support related to the products they own. In some products, this is one the profitable business vertical for the company as well as it opened the doors of further business with current client and their references.
Facets of After Sales Service Software
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Automated capture of Service Request
Automated as well as manual service request can be captured in this system with an additional mode of bulk upload of multiple requests. As per the type of lead, a respond time can be set for a quick action on requests.

Automated segregation
Requests can be segregated as per the defined criteria in the after sales service software. It saves time and helps in deciding the priority of requests to be serviced. Some of the examples of requests can be for installation, demo, service, complaint, warranty, replacement etc.
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Assigning Resources
After the delivery of a product, installation is done at customer location and product is registered in the system for further services and warranty. The service engineers send the confirmation on registration and preventive cares for the products. It creates a positive binding among customer and brand.

Call reminders and notifications
When to call back to the customer and by when requests shall be serviced, are all defined in the system during the process. This system reminds on all those events as per the timing defined so that no tasks get missed un-attended.
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Unicode Solutions is an after sales service software development company in Delhi, India which has developed this system as well as various other CRMs and ERPs which are integrated and push data in the required format for automated processing for further steps.
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