Lead management system

CRIMS Lead management software system covers the complete life cycle of a lead as well as the development of new leads by processing and analysing data. It is not limited to only managing the leads but its process starts from capturing the leads and nurturing them which includes segmentation, defining actions, tracking of lead activities, qualifying them and giving a constant attention to enable them ready for the use of sales team for business conversions.
Features of Lead Management Software System

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Automated Lead Capture
CRIMS LMS capture all your leads from online as well as offline sources. For automated capture, it integrates sources like website, emails, facebook, google ad-words, and various other 3rd party portals. Also it provides bulk and individual lead add option for offline leads.

Segregation and processing leads
Good lead gives business conversion but bad leads are loss of time. CRIMS lead management software system works as per client's defined criteria and segregate the leads in quality or junk. It assigns leads to the defined teams for further processing. An alert system keep the team active on high priority leads to work upon and process it.
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Lead nurturing and qualification
Leads require good attention, tracking and nurturing until it qualifies for sales and further process. CRIMS lms provides settings to create alerts and reminders for various actions on leads for performing on time for higher conversions. Integrated with CRIMS Sales CRM as well as option of other CRM integrations, it pushes all the required data for quick processing.

Reports & Analytics
CRIMS provides a lead management service which tracks various actions and provides analytics on leads for taking decisions on source, demographics and products/ services which require focus for better leads and conversions. It is flexible to add-on customised reports as per the requirement of clients' business strategy. An automated customised report always helps in taking quick decisions for better business conversion. CRIMS lms takes care of such integrations and share results for your required actions.
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