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CRM to handle whole eProcurement

eProcurement is one of the most demanding tools and important for customer as well as vendors as it involves a deep down drilling of products availability with appropriate pricing and delivery. CRIMS Trade CRM solutions manages eProcurement and connect vendor with its customers and give them unique features to get their procurement updated.
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Customer Portal
A customised portal with login of customer team, integrated devices and customised contracted and non contracted catalogues for quick enquiry and orders. It also enables a value based approval system with Mobile app.

Database Management
A deep mapped detail of manufacturers, products and suppliers with automated records update on previous quotes, discounts etc. Product replacement by manufacturers is also recorded.
Custom Trade CRM

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Enquiry Generation
Automated and manual process of enquiries generation which are mapped with product details and for further processing. Related emails can be linked and recent enquiries can be merged for better processing.

RFQs from Suppliers/ Manufacturers
A product mapped supplier listing are suggested to send a request for quotation with automated mail to suppliers with a detail of previous quoted price by supplier on related products.
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Trading CRM Solutions in India
Quotation Management
On the basis of finalised prices with suppliers, a quotations is generated with markup pricing and considering many other things

A feature of combining multiple orders in a single delivery over a fixed period of time which saves time, efforts, costing etc on delivery.
Trading CRM in Delhi

Trading CRM in India
Transit/Logistic Documents
This system generates the required documents with mapped details and additional documents can also be uploaded.

Multiple Reports
As procurement is a long process as per the business type. This CRM generate reports on multiple levels as per the status of enquiry and delivery of the products.
Custom trade crm in Delhi

Trading CRM Solutions in Delhi, India

CRIMS Trade CRM is developed by Unicode Solutions, a CRM software development company in Delhi, India. This CRM is tested, implemented and successfully running in the regular business process of the companies who are involved in cross border trading of huge range of products with some of the industry leaders.
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