Ecommerce CRM

CRIMS offers one of the best Ecommerce CRM Solutions in India. It is conceptualised by considering the current online sales environment to keep in sync the customers and sales at native website, marketplaces and in-store. Integrated with sales and marketing tools, it will give you an edge in competition with end-to-end solutions.

CRM for Ecommerce
Segregate Customers
Group customers on the basis of their product choice, frequency, buying behavior, timing and with many more aspects. It helps in the analysis and prediction of future sales and enable you to strategize sales for higher conversions and profitability.

Create dynamic campaigns
Multiple campaigns can be created as per customer group and can be targeted at the same time. It gives an edge at the high sales period and engage customers as per their interest.
Best CRM for Ecommerce

Best Ecommerce CRM
Know most demanded range
Analysis on products which will be in most demand at what point of time in the sales life cycle, is one of the most useful data that can be generated by CRIMS Ecommerce CRM. It helps in creating targeted campaigns, coupons and in estimating the inventory level.

Custom Feedback
Get a custom feedback from customer as per their choice of products at your ecommerce platforms. Engage them with custom question sets which is concerned to their requirements and give convenient experience while browsing.
Ecommerce CRM

Custom Ecommerce CRM
Privacy on priority
CRIMS take care of all the standard policies and ensure the privacy of your customers. It educates the customers on the usage of their data to serve them better for a convenient shopping experience.

Ecommerce CRM Solutions in Delhi, India

CRIMS Ecommerce CRM is created by Unicode Solutions, an Ecommerce CRM solutions development company in Delhi, India. It is backed by a technology and innovation team who keeps a track on regularly changing market environment as well as government policies to keep its CRMs updated for the optimal performance.
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