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In the fast moving business process, our sales team needs to act faster, with higher efficiency and less time for optimised results. CRIMS Sales CRM Software Solution is developed considering the live scenarios of the sales team in various companies. It enables users to access data at a single panel with all major activities to perform actions faster with lesser navigation. It captures the process from capturing enquiry to sales invoicing.
Function and Modules of Sales CRM
CRIMS sales crm is developed to make it easy to use and faster processing of the enquiries to convert it in sales. The modules covered for users and administrator is flexible to customise as per the clients' requirements. Some of the major modules of the sales crm are:
Sales CRM Software
Automated Enquiry Capture
It has the options which can be integrated to get automated enquiries, manual submission in individual and bulk system as well as from third party portals. It includes enquiries from multiple sources like mails, api, portal, mobile app and call. Once captured, then enquiries are segregated and distributed as per the criteria defined by administrator.

Quick Quotations
An appropriate Quotation plays a major role in business conversion. With CRIMS sales crm quotation can be generated on predefined calculations mapped with contact details, ledger accounts, associated products, discount, applicable taxes, payment terms and shipping details. It can be automatically sent to the customer as well as can be copied for manual processing. In any of the above cases, it keeps the record for further processing.
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Sales conversion and Orders
Order can be generated on the basis of finalised quotation with other custom additional details for processing order. An automated mail from system is generated for client acknowledgement which contains the order information. An approval system for the customer can be integrated and enabled to make it more appropriate for capturing customer response and take further action on the basis of analytics.

Inventory Management
In CRIMS online sales management software, inventory management is integrated which alerts at order generation about the availability of stock for creating order and delivery of products on time. In case of shortage or reaching min stock mark, it shall generate alert so that steps can be taken on required inventory.
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Delivery Challan
An automated delivery challan is generated with all required documents for transit. It includes challan type, shipper detail, shipping address, mode of delivery and other custom details.

Invoice Management
Generating invoice with all required details, format and approvals is an easy process with CRIMS. It takes care of all required mapping with order, accounts etc. Cancellation and re-generation can also be done.
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Team Management
Sales and delivery team can be assigned as per zones, type of clients etc. Enquiries are automatically assigned and can be processed as per defined.

Strategic Reports
The most required and strategically beneficial feature which helps in keeping a track and maintaining day-to-day business activities and taking decisions for better delivery and business growth.
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CRIMS Sales CRM is CRM software for Sales Management. It connects all the links of a sales process and enables the whole team to keep a track on leads for higher sales conversion. Developed and maintained by the team at Unicode Solutions, a Sales CRM software development company in Delhi, India, it is flexible for customisation as per the industry and process of any enterprise as well as startups.
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