College ERP

Managed process from Enquiry to Examination

College ERP is an end to end management system for an educational institution. It covers and manages all the processes from Enquiry to Examination. It maps all the steps from enquiry by a candidate, admission, payments, course procedure, examination results and placements. It generates reports on-demand and enable for daily track of activities.

Departments Covered:

  • Admission / Registration
  • Counselling
  • Application
  • Courses
  • Resources & Library
  • Accounts
  • Examination
  • Inventory
  • Placements


  • Automated and manual entries
  • Automated fee calculation and alerts
  • Automated iCard & Kit registration
  • Update report for university
  • Exam alerts
  • Students’ login and panel for updates>
  • Log and Reports
Manage your institution with the ERP which suits your process