Best software technologies to improve your business profits.

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Technology moves at an exceptional speed and bringing tremendous changes in the way the business operates. The business of every shape and sizes now make use of technology to boost their overall business efficiency and productivity to deliver exceptional service to their customers.


In fact. studies have been proven that businesses are now willing to spend more on acquiring new technology for their business and they are always on the run for staying competitive in the market by introducing business management software such as CRM.


If you’re considering an investment of your own, here are the top 3 commonly used tools to boost a business’s bottom line.


Accounting systems: Keeping track of your day to day business transaction, making sure every penny is going in the right direction is not an easy task. The traditional way of accounting is not reliable either because juggling between different sets of applications to note down a number can cause human error. Keeping the numbers right, even becomes a more tedious job if the numbers are coming from different countries with different currencies. A basic accounting software, however, can keep everything checked with a few clicks here and there. From a complex currency exchange mechanism for the calculation of monthly utility bills, everything can be done in a single place. If you have been facing a lot of problems with numbers, we think it is the time you must consider a reliable accounting software developed by a reliable software development company.


CRM: Customer is the primary ingredient for business success. However, keeping them happy and offer them what they exactly want is not an easy task. And if you are unable to understand their desire, they will leave and will never come back. Customer satisfaction is a serious concern for small as well as a huge conglomerate. With the help of CRM, you can take care of these concerns as easily. How? Well, CRM or Customer relationship management tools to gather essential customer data and offer management deep insight about their requirements so the business can supply exactly what they are prospects needs. With the CRM tool you can offer your customer personalized service, to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and ultimately, your business revenue. If you are worried about the CRM cost, you can take a look at our blog how much does a custom crm software development cost?


Human resources management: Organizational efficiency depends on having the best people in the best jobs at the appropriate time to face fast-changing business requirements. Doesn’t it feel like way too much-complicated work? Well, it is. This is why you can use Human resource management software to manage everything effectively. With this software, you can effectively manage payrolls, employee information and above all this automated AI-driven Sales software even can recruit the right candidate for your needs!


Enterprise resource planning: If you are dealing with the manufacturing process, this software will be a lifesaver for you. ERP software development brings in many features that are essential to managing manufacturing business. A custom ERP software development company can integrate accounting, sales/marketing/client management, inventory control and many more essential systems that ensure business efficiency and productivity. Before investing in, make sure you do understand your needs, because there are plenty of options available there and you can get lost.


Many businesses have succeeded in gaining a competitive advantage over well established big companies through technologies. Business owners must know how to use technology to better serve their clients on time and to deliver what clients need. If you have a plan, share your ideas with us. We have the expertise to physicalize it.

Benefits of CRM for Ecommerce Business

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As competition between eCommerce business becomes fiercer, the need for providing improved customer experience has grown incredibly; now, more and more businesses are adopting custom CRM systems personalized to fulfil their particular needs. Nowadays, platforms like Salesforce & Magento revolutionize the way businesses engage with their clients. However, these platforms together with a CRM give you a competitive advantage in your eCommerce business, given you choose the Best eCommerce CRM development. This post will go through the many advantages of having a tailored CRM for eCommerce Business. If you want to know about the custom CRM development cost, you can find help here.


Customer Segmentation: The moment I log in to my social media account after searching for some services and products in the search engine, my feed is filled with highly personalized ads and like me, a huge number of users end up clicking on them. I am certain you know what I am talking about! By gathering information about search patterns, social media giants show us the ads that we are most likely to click. If you are running an eCommerce business, wouldn’t you want the same with your prospects?


A custom CRM can collect the search data to offer curated services as well. They can segment overall leads by gender, interests (fashion, gadgets, etc.), spending history and so on. based on the reports, your sales reps can able to communicate with customers in the best possible way to boost sales.


Efficient Use of Time: Do you know sales reps are only spends about 11% of their time on sales? Most of the time they generally spent on solving other general administrative issues. CRM software can automate most of the repetitive administration work so your sales reps can get time to what they are good at, sales.


Most Relevant Information: How many customers are buying and how many are leaving your eCommerce shop? How many of them added the product in the cart and just left? These are crucial that a business must pose in order to find the reason why they didn’t go through the sales funnel. Best eCommerce, CRM software to analyse these data and offer great insight so you can take appropriate measure before it’s too late. According to a study conducted by Baymard, the common cart abandonment rate is a huge 68.81%. However, with the implementation of Custom CRM software development, one can take considerable action to reduce cart abandonment rates.


Social Media Interactions insight: If you are an eCommerce business, we bet you are making use of social media to drive more customers. With the growing number of internet users, a considerable amount of traffic is coming through a platform such as Facebook, Instagram and many more. These platforms are also a major source of customer queries, requests, and reviews. In fact, 42 percent of consumers put a complaint on social media and they expect an answer within 60 minutes or else they will have a bad experience. To make sure your customers get exceptional social media response, invest in Custom CRM software development company. Because a CRM comes with a powerful tool that can monitor and assign job-based customer priority to deliver the best customer service.




So what do you think? Have you decided to build a fully-featured custom CRM for your eCommerce business? Worried about how much time will it take to build Custom Software? Get in touch with us with all your doubts and to let us assist you to develop the best tech-savvy, up to date, and state of the art CRM.

Is it secure to hire an Offshore Software Development team?

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Sending works offshore is not a new trend. It’s been there from the inception of WWW and so far, it has been proven as one of the best ways to reduce business expenses to maximize revenue. When you outsource offshore custom software development job, you must follow through Best practices when Outsourcing Software Development to obtain the greatest benefits. Studies have proven that 59% of businesses outsource to decrease or control their software development costs. 57% of businesses do it to solely concentrate on their business objectives. According to the survey, 78% of business owners throughout the globe are satisfied with their outsourcing partners. So the numbers are impressive, right? Unfortunately, some people went through bad experiences as well.


Every possibility and opportunity comes with risk and offshore software development is not immune to a bad reputation as well. However, if you do follow through some basic tips, you can mitigate the risks associated with offshore custom software development to obtain better results.


Confidentiality of information: Safeguarding your intellectual property should be your priority when you are talking to an offshore software development company. When you are discussing your project ideas, goal, etc. you have to make sure that this information doesn’t fall in the wrong hand. To mitigate this risk you can ask your preferred software development company to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). An NDA is a legal document that binds two parties in legal to constrain where they can’t share confidential information with 3rd party.


Search for Expertise: It is essential that you look out for professional and experienced service providers who will work tirelessly to meet your professional requirements adhering to industry standards. Look out for offshore software development companies’ previous work and try to find out if in the past, they did work on a similar project or not.


Discuss Contract Details: A transparent business agreement is essential for a successful outsourcing business. You must write clearly in the agreement about your requirements what was agreed upon during the project negotiations- clear the scope, timeline and milestone and ask the offshore custom software development company if they understand everything clearly or not.


Technology Gap: Technology variations can create obstacles. It is vital to guarantee that the hardware and software platforms adopted by offshore teams are fit with the intended platforms on which the ultimate software product will run. As one of the best offshore software development company in India, we go through our client’s existing software and hardware capability to offer the best products and so far we have been able to offer custom software that works in harmony with other existing intended platforms.


End Note:


As  Mark Zuckerberg often says that the greatest risk can anyone take is by not taking any risk at all. In the world of competitiveness, the risk-taking ability can deliver a tremendous source of growth. Considering you took the risk with proper planning, clear business objectives, and communication.


So coming to the question Is it secure to Hire an Offshore Software Development team? Well, definitely it is if you follow through the above tips. If you have a plan and looking for the best outsourcing agencies to discuss with full confidentiality, get in touch with us. Our years of experience in offshore software development will serve you well.

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