Thinking about implementing a CRM? Consider these tips first.

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The average ROI for CRM is $8.71 for each USD 1 spent. 82% of top salespeople cite custom CRM tools as “crucial” to their ability to close deals. More than 40% of custom CRM software users said that their CRM had a great impact on customer retention and customer satisfaction. Studies have shown that more than 72% of businesses boost customer relationships with CRM. But did you know? 70 percent of all CRM projects fail due to a lack of proper implementation?


Make no mistake, implementing CRM needs your careful attention, a solid understanding of your business goals, and a lot of patience. So, before making any major moves, ask yourself if you can check off these four things:


Do You Truly Need CRM?

Before getting in touch with a Custom software development company, do a thorough analysis of your various business processes to determine if you truly need a custom CRM system. This will also help you to understand which pitfalls in your system need immediate fix or upgrade before CRM implementation. By analysing your back-office needs, you will be able to recognize where the CRM implementation efforts need the most focus.


Feature Trade-offs

As you search for the best custom CRM software, you will be lost in the maze of possible features. Avoid getting distracted by shiny ads placed by CRM software development companies. Yes, features are good, however, you are paying for each one of them and if you don’t use the features, what’s the point of having them in the first place? This is why custom CRM software matters most. Big CRM names like Microsoft or SAP will charge you for unnecessary features. However, if you really want something to full fill your exact needs, it is advised to get in touch with a custom CRM development company. They will listen to your business goal and implement the features according to your needs which will reduce your overall budget as well as help you to utilize your CRM’s full potential.


Sufficient Training is Key

CRM implementation is not just merely a one time process. Your employees must stay up to date before, during, and after implementation to guarantee they understand every CRM features and it’s boosted capabilities. Without any doubt, this process will take time. They will be needing some hands-on and training. However, this is essential to ensure maximum CRM adaptation. Most of the time CRM implementation fails because employees don’t use it at all. Motivate your employees to learn, help them to see how the new system will benefit them individually.


Your CRM is Mobile Ready?

When sending the custom CRM proposal to a custom CRM software development company, make sure they understand you will be accessing the CRM from a mobile device as well. Your employees won’t necessarily seat all the time, glued to the desk. When they are out on a sales call they will require access to customer data (if needed) to understand the prospect’s necessities. And a mobile-ready custom sales CRM can offer the much-needed flexibility that they need in order to make a successful deal.


If you have not purchased your CRM yet, then do take note of these tips. CRM implementation is a plan that needs a lot of homework, responsibility, and collaboration over the entire organization. There are a lot of things you want to get ready for, such as designating resources, getting people on board, rolling out a clear and logical action plan, etc. So take your time, consult with your CRM software development company and be patient during the development phase.


If you would like to learn more custom CRM read our blogs such as-Ways CRM software can enhance the productivity of your business. Want to talk to a custom CRM expert? Pick up your phone and contact us now.

Best practices when Outsourcing Software Development.

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, driving efficiency is often at the core of business growth plans. When fully planned, outsourcing software development services play an essential role in guaranteeing business productivity is high; enabling the business owner to focus on business development and disruptive innovation.


The outsourcing industry is one of the largest industries in the new age. According to Coding Sans, more than 55% of the startups in the US alone have already outsourced their software development process in countries like India and Ukraine. Outsourcing software development is an ideal solution. It increases your bandwidth and enables you to strengthen those systems that provide you an advantage over your competition. If you do it correctly, you’ll have a crew of exceptional specialist developers with a fresh perspective, capable of dedicating all their time and consideration to producing an innovative solution.


Here are the 3 best practices you should look for from any outsourced software development team:


Read Reviews and Feedback: Experience and a broad portfolio are vital standards when outsourcing your custom software project. You might want to review their website or ask for their portfolio and sample of work they have already completed. This is necessary. Let’s put it this way. You would not trust your car to be repaired by someone who hardly knows how a break work, right?


This is the same thing with foreign custom software development service providers. Make sure the business or person knows the work they’re doing. Ask for their previous work and if possible, speak to some of their clients.


Interview Carefully: Because in most circumstances when you outsource you’ll be managing the area from far away, the interview process is your one chance to really get to know a potential employee or outsourcing firm. Talk to the responsible person for long enough to get a genuine feel for their personality.


Ask questions based on previous experience – propose a situation and request how they may have managed matters before. Listen carefully for red flags such as a cynical attitude, disregard for laws and deadlines, or reluctance to feedback.


Consider the Cost: Although many times businesses choose to outsource because they expect to conserve cash, remember that it is very rare for actual and projected budget to match. Especially in the first few months of a partnership, plan to save nearly three-quarters of your calculated amount, due to an adjustment, time loss, and other factors.


Starting an outsourcing contract has expenses that may not come to think at first. For example, when choosing the right software development service provider, you will lose time and may face charges from networking websites or other sources. Negotiating and drawing up a deal in some cases can charge legal fees, and maintaining the relationship will have prices in time or possibly travel.


Few more tips to consider while Outsourcing Software Development projects:


• Outsource only the Right type of work.
• Rule Out Lowest Bidders
• Set Clear Objectives
• Write Everything Down
• Aim for Transparency
• Take Your Time
• Write a Solid Contract


When you’re well-prepared, outsourcing custom software development services can improve your business in key areas. It’s a chance to capitalize on your strengths and find ways to work more effectively. But it’s additionally a time when errors can be disastrous. By avoiding the pitfalls, you’ll be able to focus on boosting productivity, quality and savings and isn’t that the point? Want to talk about your custom software development project? CRIMS is one of the best outsourcing destinations for many business owners. We are a Delhi based custom software development service provider offering our services to the entire world.


Advantages of Offshore Software Development.

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Today, with the help of the internet you have the possibility to develop software by outsourcing it. Many business organizations turning to the offshore development company to acquire skilled developers at a fraction of cost. From Bank of America to HSBC, everyone is sending their work overseas but why? In this blog, we will see exactly why business owners are choosing offshore software companies to develop their software.


Low Cost of Labor: Offshoring software development services saves a lot of money in terms of development cost. In countries like the USA or regions like Central Europe, the daily and hourly rates of developers are generally a lot higher than the countries like India. Furthermore, those countries have a low number of developers that further increase the demand for local software developers. In countries like India or Vietnam, there is a vast talent pool of expert technicians and developers that can navigate better in the technical seas of software development. Offshore software development company like Unicode Solutions is enriched with this talent pool, which led them to offer the utmost services and solutions to their clients.


Time saving: If meeting your deadline is crucial, an offshore software company can rescue you. If you need more manpower without spending a lot, you can hire a specialist coders who can meet your required skills from offshore. This will expedite the project completion and specialists will contribute to the quality. The world of tech is changing to stay up to date with the latest tech and innovations, you need a team of professionals that delivers. And a professional offshore software development company can ensure you stay on the edge without putting a hole into your wallet!


Lower overhead: Employing someone locally means you have to comply with various complicated laws, deduct, office space, management, taxes, etc. All of these generally covered by the company offering you offshore outsourcing services.


Resilience: You can hire an offshore development company whenever you want. You can hire them for a specified period of time. For instance, if you want to do a want time responsive website design or need to add an essential feature, rather building an expensive team, you can ask to do that to an offshore software company and pay them on an hourly basis.


Helps to focus on Core Business Activities: Offshore software development gives ample time to business administrators to focus more on core business activities. Management now can spend time outlining and directing the business’ policies that bring more revenue rather than wasting time in managing certain ancillary functions. This will assist in improvising things in both ways.


Faster Turnaround & different market view: As offshore software development companies are in the race to secure more jobs and earning a good reputation among offshore business organizations, they try their best to completes their jobs faster without compromising on quality. Apart from faster delivery time and technical expertise, an experienced software development company brings a lot of new things to the table. The team recognizes the challenges associated, having worked on international custom software development projects for other customers. Plus, an external team that is not living in the same geography/ market ingrained in the ‘existing way of doing things’ can contribute new insights to enhance your business processes.


We hope now you know why so many organizations are going overseas to fulfill their development needs. Do you have a plan to develop your own business software but worried about the cost and other related expenses? Now you have a chance to accomplish your dream with CRIMS. Contact us today to discuss your custom software development project with expert developers from overseas.


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