Why Customer Complaints Are Good For Your Business.

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While that recent negative review on Google or Facebook regarding your business may have you panicking, it’s better to hear what’s wrong than have your customers go silent. Silence often turns into disappearing customers. And, for sure they won’t remain silent with their friends. You’ll be badmouthed.


When things go cold, your clients will complain. Surprisingly, this can be great for you and effective for your business. Here are some reasons customer complaints can benefit you and your business.


Find Areas of Improvement: A complaint from an unhappy customer can highlight a gap in the organization or an area that needs immediate attention. Management must take all grievances sincerely and analyse the root problem of the complaint. Address any concerns with the client and follow-up with the breakdown in the client service chain to fix the problem. Regardless of how many customers you may have, encourage feedback from clients to improve your business.


Understand Customers Better: Clients can offer you insight into your services and products that you, as a company owner, may lack. Recognizing your clients, their doubts, and their requirements will assist you to serve them better. Even if a client contacts you to discuss minor trouble, you can keep this in the back of your mind to make necessary changes down the line. The easier you make things for your clients, the more likely they are to continue choosing your brand over others.


Build a better relationship: When customers reach you to complain, certainly they want to talk. By talking with them, you will know their needs, their expectations from the company and so on. You have to make sure you save this data to serve your customers better. Here rather doing the entry manually you can use customer care management software. Use the data to build a personal relationship with the client to understand any other pain points and strengthen certain service values within your organization.


Increase Word-of-Mouth: If you are still in doubt about how customer complaints can benefit you, this point will definitely change your mind. The more satisfied customers are with your service, the more likely they are referring their friends and family to you. When a business handle a custom complain appropriately, clients will be left with a positive image in their subconscious mind, even if your services or products weren’t able to meet the expectation on the first occasion.


Improve your business problems: Complaints can draw your attention to the internal processes that you were overlooking. With the day-to-day busy schedule, you might not have been concentrating on how each of the business parts was doing. When clients complain, they’re bringing them to your awareness so you can get them fixed and make sure to change things so repeated mistakes never happen again. This could include a rude staff member, delayed response time, or poor service & product quality.


So embrace customer complaints with open arms and look them as possibilities to better your product/service.


Managing business and taking care of customer complaints is a daunting task. Fortunately, after-sales service software & customer care management software can assist you greatly. If you don’t know where to get these life-saving tools, get in touch with us now. We are CRIMS available 24/7 to answer your call.


Ways CRM Software can enhance the productivity of your business.

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Businesses are continually searching for techniques to increase productivity since more prominent productivity indicates more growth, less costs, and more conversion. CRM or Customer Relationship Management system is a solution developed with collections of features that are designed to work in accordance with your company’s requirements. Here are five reasons why you should consider investing in CRM software technology:


Better Lead Management: CRM has an inbuilt feature that can manage leads efficiently. It helps a user to prioritize leads according to their validity. A hot lead will be placed at the top of the list, so sales reps can follow up with the lead immediately to lead them through the sales funnel. Where’s a weak or cold lead will be placed further down the list. Being able to analyse the quality of the leads, assist organizations to be more productive because more time will be dedicated to those people who are really interested in making a purchase.


Optimal Communication: Having access to secure and up to date data is essential for your sales force’s convenience.As a centralized system that presents information to multiple departments through a single source, CRM helps to seamlessly combine sales & marketing roles. It assists multiple teams to easily cooperate, thereby helping employees to answer customer inquiries quicker, which in turn, can help boost sales and productivity.


Improve Productivity: CRM boosts productivity because the software is developed to overcome everyday operational barriers. This is the advantage of automation: it is always there, quietly working behind everything, helping business processes. This CRM software will collect & save all data quickly and securely, so you and your employees always have access to the newest developments. This will produce a more systematic and successful organization.


Simplifies stock management: Well-integrated CRM software enables employees to check the level of stocks at any time with a few clicks. This helps to offer customers a great experience. Why? Well, when your employee has access to stock levels at other stores or warehouse, they can do their best to get what their clients want. This further makes it simpler for managers to corporate employees to manage stock afar.


Faster After Sales Services: The responsibility of an organization doesn’t stop after completing sales. A business that wants to dominate the market for a long time must offer excellent customer service. To be a successful organization you must answer each query of the customer rapidly. Or if you can’t solve the concern yourself, you must forward it to the respective department. And CRM software can do this efficiently, without employees needing to walk to the other person. This reduces miss-communication and saves time which in turn grows business efficiency.


The End Game


In this post, we discussed how CRM software automates various functions such as business analytics, team collaboration, customer retention, etc., enabling your business to boost productivity. A study conducted by Gartner predicted that by 2021, business organizations will mostly invest in CRM software for obvious reasons. If you want your organization to take the lead, you have to plan for tomorrow and build a full-proof business plan and you can’t do that without a CRM software.


If you need an answer right now, how about getting in touch with the best CRM software company in Delhi? At CRIMS, our experts are available to answer any query related to CRM and ERP software. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now.


Advantages and Disadvantages of an Enterprise Resource Planning System.

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Enterprise resource planning system, or better known ERP, manages a businesses’ resources via state of the art functions and features. A manufacturing ERP software system is built to promote a more fluid, more streamlined workflow between all parties. It is a software system that strives to serve as a backbone for your whole business. Businesses who have kept the process of integration of an ERP software system in the pipeline to increase overall manufacturing productivity, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the manufacturing ERP software system is worth considering.


Advantages of ERP System:


• Once the integration process completed, the business owner may discover the rewards for their investment and efforts in the form of decreased operating costs.


• A manufacturing ERP software system offers comprehensive visibility into all the essential aspects of business processes, throughout different departments of an organization.


• The best ERP system for the Manufacturing industry offers automatic and consistent workflow from one department/function to another, to guarantee a stable transition and faster completion of business/ manufacturing processes.


• A unified and exceptional reporting software that analyzes the status/statistic etc. in real-time, across all functions/departments.


• You don’t require a separate localize system for different locations. The best ERP system for the Manufacturing industry is designed to meet local manufacturing needs and accurately report across different locations.


• You or your employees can get rid of any manual data entry process. The software system can help in automating business data collection and enable business growth by running complex business processes without needing any extra hands.


• ERP software systems make it easier for inventory tracking, order tracking, revenue tracking, sales forecasting, and related activities.


• If you want you can implement features like the bar-code reader or other useful functions into a manufacturing ERP software system. It is a modular system, you can personalize as per your need.


Disadvantages of ERP system are:


• The integration of the best ERP system for the Manufacturing industry is costly.


• Resistance in sharing delicate internal data among departments can diminish the effectiveness of the software.


• There may be added indirect costs besides ERP integration. A manufacturing ERP software system vendor can charge extra fees for maintenance on top of the license fee as well.


• Implementations of the best ERP system for the manufacturing industry are difficult to achieve if the organization is decentralized with different business processes and systems.


• Businesses may need extra or third party API or modules for better management of particular functional areas such as the supply chain or customer relationship management.


In conclusion, it is necessary to investigate whether the ERP system will be integrated into your organization is right for your manufacturing needs and that does not violate the interests of their organization. ERP is recommended to the manufacturing industry not only because the advantages outnumber the disadvantages but also by keeping in mind the ways to overcome the disadvantages are quite easy. In order to maximize the effectiveness of a manufacturing ERP software system, a business must correctly weigh the advantages and disadvantages of ERP before purchasing them. As long as you are clear on what you want, nothing else should bother you. Need more professional advice? You can get in touch with the best manufacturing ERP software development company Crims now. Before you settle in, our professionals can offer you great insight to select the best ERP which serves you best.


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