Why does a company need an ERP system?

ERP Software Development

It is certain that whenever a small business starts to grow and become more prosperous, there is a growing demand for more reliable business management systems. When an organization is limited or just starting, it will presumably work with Excel to track and record stocks, Quick Books for accounting & bookkeeping and maybe some off the shelf software for invoicing and shipping.


This software works fine until you grow to the point where you have many people working on your data and systems. At this point, utilizing different non-integrated software to do the work becomes complex & downright risky. This is usually the time when a business looks to develop and adopt a more robust and enterprise-wide solution like an ERP software.


ERP software development is a time-consuming process. However, the systems are far more elaborate and far more potent. They are meant to grow and evolve into a business and are regularly being updated to keep up with technological, economic, social and legislative developments. In short, the ERP is the one-stop, one-size-fits-all solution for your business and the advantages are many. You can find a few of them- Advantages and Disadvantages of an enterprise resource planning system.


Let’s briefly review about Why Do You Need an ERP Solution:


Company-Wide Data: One of the major benefits you will get through ERP software development is that your business’ data will now be handled through one central nexus. You don’t need to bother about duplicate copies of the same information and how that can cause erase errors, overwriting and other backup dilemmas. You’ll have all the information handled through the network by every department, which you will be ready to access, anytime on the go from any device.


Flexibility: As mentioned, ERP development is a continuous process and constantly being updated and patched by the ERP software development company to keep them current. These custom ERP systems are modular for specific business tasks outside the core functions. This means that you have the flexibility to set up its management software to run in a very specific fashion to meet your particular business demand.


Inventory Monitoring: Keeping the count of expanding inventory is a genuine concern for a growing business. However, the process of ERP software development is going for a prolonged time and ERP software development companies are introducing features such as Barcoding, RFID tags and serial numbers to make the process easy. These features will help the users to keep track of everything happening in the warehouses with ease. The enhances insight of the warehouse will help to simplify the pick, pack and ship process by eliminating guesswork.


This is by no means a complete list, although it does go through some basic ideas of how powerful and long term an ERP system can be for your business. A system built by the best  ERP software development company in Delhi, like Unicode Solutions, will be a priceless foundation of any business. As long as the system is maintained, updated properly and provided a regular set of checkups, it will be precious to your company’s growth and success. Want to know more about ERP systems? Check out our previous post- what is ERP and what can it do for our business?

What is ERP and what can it do for your business?

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ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software  is a multi functional software that assists businesses to manage internal and external resources. These resources may include financial assets, physical resources, stock, and human resources. An enterprise resource planning software acts as a middle man and facilitates a continuous and smooth flow of data through all business functions within the organization & keep active links between with outside stakeholders like suppliers and customers.


Top 5 Business Value of ERP System


Centralized data & workflow automation: An efficient and well built ERP software brings every piece of business data together. People and businesses suffer from having Decentralized data. It adversely affects the business functionality as well as, it makes chaos within the organization. This efficiency in the business not only wastes time, but also affects the business budget. An ERP system collects the complexity of the business and makes the problems easy to understand. Having a centralized data stream indicates that where the core problem lies in so you can take necessary and effective steps to resolve it. Depending upon your ERP, sometimes the problems get resolved by the ERP system itself! Which definitely improve product delivery times.


Flexible: A modern ERP software comes with loads of inbuilt crucial application. Meaning, your business data is standardized and the features to compare the business growth are already built-in. These features are often presented in an easy to understand dashboard. If you think you need more industry-specific features, you can contact the ERP software development company to personalize your ERP system, to meet your needs.


Simplicity In Business Accounting: A growing business will struggle with its accounting process if they are still following old school methods. Financial report preparation and accounting is the department that requires a lot of time, effort and accuracy. Keeping track of every single purchase and sales is not an easy task which raises the chance of human error. Using ERP to integrate and examine financial information will enhance employees’ productivity & reduce burden considerably. ERP enhance the business productivity of your business.


Accurate Forecasting: ERP system gives your users and particularly manager, the tools they require to predict the most accurate business forecasts. This is essential to properly plan what they require from sales and inventory down to financial and customer service. With stronger and accurate business forecasting, organizations can reduce unnecessary business costs, which saves cash and business resource as well.


Higher Customer Satisfaction: Keeping customers happy is a Herculean task for any business. This becomes messier if the business is keeping the sales and inventory separately on different platforms. There could be a time when you must reply to the customer’s query about product-related information and if the data is not available, it means trouble. The ERP system is like a live diary and it helps in keeping up-to-date information about product and inventory. This will help the customer support team to obtain detailed, updated information and deal with your clients efficiently.


A good ERP system guarantees your business run efficiently in an organized manner. It offers you the ability to track changes. It shows you where improvement is necessary and which department may require extra attention. It helps you to serve your customers better while keeping your business compliant with the company laws and regulations.


Now that you have seen the benefits of ERP software, it is a perfect time you switch from manual to an automated business process. Want to learn more? CRIMS experts are readily available to answer your queries. Get in touch with the best Manufacturing ERP software company in Delhi and start experiencing the business growth you always dreamed of.

Types of After Sales Service to keep your customer satisfied.

After sales management

According to Data Point, After-sales services Increases customer retention rates by 5% boost profits anywhere from 25% to 65%. Though it doesn’t generate revenue directly, however, it helps to extend the goodwill of the company which later helps to draw more satisfied customers. After-sales service encompasses a wide variety of jobs such as training,maintenance, repair, etc.


A happy and satisfied client draws more people and ultimately more profits for the organization. So a business needs to offer unparalleled after-sales services. But, how? Well, with modern-day  After-sales management software, it is quite easy to offer great after-sales service. However, in order to provide exceptional services, you have to play your part as well besides relying on after sales software.


Bellow find few steps for good after-sales service :


Installation services: Whenever you sell a product, make sure to offer an installation service. Yes, there are manuals that can be used to install the product. However, products such as air conditioners or washing machines can’t be installed by your customer and they are not going to pay any 3rd party as well. Offer them free pre-installation service, many do. Yes, it can be tedious work to schedule the installation interview or manage installation requests. However, you can certainly make use of modern-day Customer service software to keep a note of everything to offer superior service, There are so many importance of after sales service which your customers understand. Start your relation in the positive node by offering free installation service. Your customers will remember you.


Offer training: Training is an essential part of the after-sales service. If you are selling medical equipment, then you can’t skip this. No matter how experienced the doctor or medical institution is, it is not possible for a human being to learn every function of a machine. Since you are selling a product, it is your responsibility to offer them proper training before they begin using the product on a daily basis. Training is most definitely falls under the priority list of After sales management if you are selling industrial machinery and medical or surgical equipment.


Online support: Your customers are already migrated to the internet. Are you? People today are more eager to talk about their feedback or grievance online forum rather talking over the phone. If you want to offer superior after-sales service, you must build a place where your customers can talk about your services. Now, this can be a social media forum or maybe a website chatbot. Make sure your customers are able to reach you from their comfort zone. When your customers are rushing towards your website to talk about your product, it can be difficult to manage their requests. Make use of Customer service software, and offer them superior customer service which they deserve.


Return/ Replacement offer: For a limited period, the business offers its customers a free replacement or return service. Now, this service has a few certain specified terms. In some cases, the company may offer full replacement of the product, or they can replace only the defective part of the product. The return policy depends on the company itself, thus it is your responsibility to offer something great to your customer. Your return policies must be transparent and in favour of the client. Yes, tracking and managing the Return/Replacement order can be difficult. But, you can always make use of after sales software to ease your burden.


Juggling your day to day business job and managing your relationship with the customer is not an easy task. Fortunately, CRIMS can offer you state of the art After sales management software which will take care of everything. From recording customer notes to sending a reminder about important customer calls that you can’t miss, our Customer service software is always there for you to taking care of crucial business tasks to achieve business success. Contact us for more information.

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