5 Ways using a CRM software can increase sales for your business

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When you have a strong customer relationship management (CRM) policy in place you’ll have a system you can depend on to manage all your business connections and interactions with customers and prospects. This is important for businesses who are working in today’s digital world since it helps you enhance your customer relationships and ultimately helps you to achieve your business goal.


Following the 5 tips to make sure your CRM system is being utilised correctly to ensure great sales:

Share Information Across Your Sales Team
If your business processes aren’t well coordinated, it can make a lot of needless trouble and will definitely waste valuable time. Not only does having everyone on the same page keeps everyone informed with up-to-date information about customers, but it will lessen the risk of silly mistakes that can make your business seem unprofessional.


For instance, if a lead is reached twice by the same company it can make your organisation seem disorganised. A CRM system can save all of the important information and share it over your team, so everyone knows about the development of sales, and no unnecessary work is expended.

Prioritise Your Prospects and Customers
The business world is a tough world. While you may desire to try treating all your prospects and clients as equals, you can’t do that. If you need to run a successful business, you have to learn how to prioritise your customer’s efforts. Something that’s upheld by research, is that repeat clients want the same (or more) attention than new customers.


They’ll typically consume nearly double what your new clients spend and save you cash that you’d otherwise pay throughout the acquisition process. Every business will need to build its own unique way in which to pick which of your clients and prospects are more important though. Once you do manage to determine what these particular characteristics are, you’ll want to put your CRM software to work for you. You can utilise it to segment your contacts into priority groups.

Improve Communication
There is plenty of CRM software development company in Delhi NCR, and each one will tell you to don’t depend too much on emails and wasteful meetings. Why? Because excessive interdepartmental emails and wasteful meetings within your sales and marketing teams are two significant distractions for your marketers.

It’s easy for miscommunication to happen here, which usually results in interdepartmental conflicts. However, when you have CRM software in position, everyone can become much more productive in their jobs since they’ll have focused tracking records ready to help them know what sales and marketing tactics are really useful for your company.

Track Sales
You have to regularly monitor your sales cycle if you want to close sales and keep relationships. Using CRM to keep an eye on your sales cycle can assist you to fix any imperfections in your plans in order to increase your sales. Each step of the process can be supervised by CRM software, which can tell you what is working, what isn’t and what requires to be done.

Stay current with reminders and notifications
When you are busy fighting to take care of the day-to-day duties of your business, it is easy to overlook some follow-up email or making a phone call. Sadly, this mistake can lead to lost business. When you implement a CRM system you can rest assured that you will never have to worry about missing a connection with a customer.


Not using a CRM system? You are costing your business valuable sales. If you would like more information regarding how a CRM system can help your business, contact Unicode Solutions. We are one of the best CRM software development companies in Delhi NCR and our qualified staff is here to help you improve your business 24/7.


Why your business needs a Cloud-Based CRM system?

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Customer relationship management software has created a buzz in today’s business world. CRM, as the name implies, manages company’s relationship with the customers and thus offer them incredible customer service and expand their customer base. This modern software is effective for both small and large business. Most of the businesses have invested in this modern software so as to enhance the efficiency. One of the emerging trends in CRM is to make the use of cloud-based CRM Software.


Cloud-based CRM software is actually hosted in the cloud which means that this can be accessed through the internet thus making it simple for all users to access the same information at anytime. There is a lot of confusion regarding this concept whether to use cloud-based CRM or not and thus we are here with some of the reasons why your business needs a cloud-based CRM system.


Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Cloud-Based CRM System:


Trouble-free Installation
The prime benefit of using cloud-based CRM software is that this is simple to install and thus the fear of its complex installation is no longer valid. Now, no business case is required and thus you can run this software in no time. All you need to have is the strong internet connection. Sign in online and you are ready to go. Isn’t it simple?? With this, you don’t have to pay for hardware, software and server maintenance as well.


Seamless Access
Another benefit of using this cloud based CRM is it’s round the clock accessibility. This software can be used at anytime and from anywhere. See, your clients are not gonna wait for anything so why your CRM software does. This cloud-based CRM allows you to make game changing amendments in your sales or to send sales proposal to the clients or anything you want to do. With this, you can always stay connected with the central database and thus enjoy flexibility and freedom of doing whatever you need to do at anytime.


Ease of use
No one wants to use complex software and thus keeping this fact in mind, this cloud-based CRM is designed. This software is very simple to use as all you need to enter your access or login details and just start using the same with much ease and comfort. Remember, your internet connection should be fast enough to work properly.


High Security Levels
Security is the major concern on the internet and thus this cloud-based CRM are designed to provide utmost security. As CRM is associated with business and thus there is no surprise that its security levels are much higher than expected. Providers of cloud-based CRM renders automatized backup policies and thus have clear data recovery plans if a breech happens. Users can also enhance the data security by using two-step authentications and extremely strong passwords.


Extremely Reliable
Cloud-based CRM software is designed to offer reliable operation to its users. This software will never crash and thus will never lead to the total financial meltdown as all parts of CRM are strongly backed up. It means that cloud-based CRM software has several replicas and, therefore, if something happens then it will be immediately replaced and thus the system won’t get disrupted.


Affordable solutions
Cloud-based CRM software is much more affordable than you think. This product surely won’t break your bank. Cloud-based software basically operates on the pay-as-you-go subscription model which requires minimal investment. Moreover, there is no hidden cost for this product such as buying additional hardware or license fees etc. This software offers several benefits and is available at budget friendly price.


CRM Software for small business

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CRM i.e. customer relationship management software holds special importance for both large corporations as well as small business. The focus of CRM is to enhance and improve the company’s relations with their customers. CRM software has become an integral part of a small business nowadays as it manages customer relations which in turn improves customer service and thus allows business to utilize the customer’s contact information for the targeted marketing.


This is a result-driven and cost-effective approach to maintain the pace of the business. Customers are the biggest asset for the company, whether large or small and thus it is important to maintain a good relationship with them. Below are mentioned some of the benefits of using CRM software for small business.


Benefits of Using CRM Software for Small Business:


Incredible Customer Service
The prime benefit of using CRM software is that it improves customer service to a great extent. It actually offers lots of possibilities to the user and thus enhances their customer service. This software allows you to provide superior customer service to its clients that will set the company apart from others. This software releases your time by handling email and billings and thus allows you to communicate with your customers in a much effective way. Your emails will be automatically generated by the CRM software and thus your company’s workflow is being easily tracked. See, clients are the key to success for both small and large business but when it comes to small business, their importance multiples by thousand times. A customer chooses small business over the big one with the expectation to feel taken care of and thus it is advised to use CRM software and thus give extra time to focus on client’s personal needs.


Expanding Customer Base
As already explained that customers means everything to small business and thus the second benefit of using CRM software is that it helps in expanding your customer base. CRM software packages are equipped with several map applications which allow business owners to pick up new customers within that specific location. Its applications are used to track statistics that will allow small business to increase their customer base within their ideal demographic. CRM software is designed with useful applications and thus focuses on helping small business to grow. It is a powerful tool and thus takes these small businesses to the unmatched heights. It surely increases productivity, drive revenue and thus improves the effectiveness of the sales force.


Helps in Identifying the Potential customers
Another benefit of using CRM software for small business is that it helps in recognizing or identifying the potential customers and competition as well. Business owners can utilize the report module and thus can get a clear idea about the new markets where they can target to draw the attention of new customers. These report modules also help you to know about the potential customers so that you can offer them with best services and thus retain them for pretty long time.


Cost effective software and can be accessed anywhere
Last but not the least, benefit of using CRM software is that it is a cost effective solution to enhance the customer – company relationship. This product is not at all expensive and thus small business can easily afford the same without emptying their bank balance. Moreover, the new web based or on – demand CRM software can be accessed anywhere in the world. It simply means that with the help CRM software, you can monitor your business from every corner of the world and thus can easily track all essential activities related to the business.


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