Custom software development solutions

CRIMS is an end-to-end business solution provider with custom ERP, CRM and other business software modules. As a custom software solutions development company, CRIMS has expertise of understanding the business process and offer fully customisable features to make your systems highly adaptive and increase usage with teams to generate the most effective results and helps teams in decision making.

Process Covered

Our Solutions
Making it easy to manage activities throughout business process
Optimised efforts, Optimum results
In sync with Entire Sales Process
To engage your clients and faster conversion, CRIMS ensures to covers every aspect of the sales process. It enables lead assign, quick info process, updates and track of all activities done on any deal including delivery and ensures repeated business.
On-Demand Customization
When it comes to implementation of a automated system, CRIMS provides flexibility of customization to suit the team's process. It ensures the easy acceptability and high usage of system which generate reports to help optimised process
Quick CRM
Lesser Navigation, Quick Task
CRIMS understand and provides flexibility to perform all related task at lesser possible navigation to ensures time saving, quick updates and faster results with higher team performance.
CRIMS is flexible to implement as per your Business Process

Backed by a Leading CRM Software Development Company

CRIMS CRM is developed, maintained and regularly updated by Unicode Solutions, a CRM software development company in Delhi, India. With a strong technical team and industry experts at consultation, Unicode Solutions has a great understanding of user experience and technical know-how of process automation. It is appreciated by clients for work and support. For CRIMS, our team performs on Customisation, Seamless Execution, Add-ons implementation, Training & Support.
Business Process Automation is a need for the business management and growth in this fast changing technological environment. CRM software solutions are becoming the backbone of some of those business processes. For changing technologies and trends in CRM software developments, explore our blog and be updated.