How to Automate Your Workflows using CRM Software

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Before we start, let’s take a look at why automation is essential for your business. According to studies, about 72% goes under overwhelming pressure due to increased responsibilities. More than 80% of entrepreneurs are stretching their hours in order to reach their goal. And the reason behind this over time is of course low productivity. And not surprisingly, about 39% of entrepreneurs agree on the fact that the manual paperwork is the main contributor to the biggest time waster. And if we talk about the sales, about 50% of your sales rep’s time gets wasted doing manual data entry.


Custom CRM Software – A solution towards making a business more efficient, productive and ROI driven.


A Custom CRM Software made by the CRM software development company comes with a pack of features. Designed to benefit the business in many ways and automation is one of the major and significant parts of this. Let’s have a closer look at how you can use your CRM to automate various manual jobs that boost efficiency, productivity, sales and of course ROI.


Recognize where you need the automation: Once you acquire custom CRM software, you might get over-enthusiastic to automate every single process of your business. To be frank, do not do this. First, you have to recognize where the automation is needed most. First, try to implement automation in your sales team. A process like lead scoring, Dealing leads, Making reports, etc, will reduce the need for manual data entry. Hence, your sales team will have more time to focus on what they are good at. That is sales.


Boost everyone’s Performance: Automation must play a significant role to boost everyone’s’ performance. If someone is not being productive, even after making all the changes, then you have to look into the system again. As an entrepreneur, you have to work to boost everyone’s performance. Check the CRM software’s function in detail. Make a workflow that answers to every department. Especially the sales and marketing team. We would like to advise you to talk to your employees who are not achieving their goals. Ask them about their challenges with the system and act accordingly.


Analyse, Audit, Repeat: Frequently analyse the report about how the workflow is working or not. Something is not right and working? Well, it is time to bring some changes to the system. Analyse them and monitor the performance regularly. Your job is here to recognize if the changes are helping boost business efficiency. You have to keep testing and bring changes until you find the right setup. Even if you have found the right setup, you have to make changes in the system to keep your teams up-to-date.


A CRM software development company can change the course of your business in significant ways


Despite the significant advancement in technology, many businesses still think data entry jobs can only be done through a manual process. Many jobs indeed require human hand, but, most of the time manual data entry jobs can be done through tools such as custom CRM software, automatically. CRM software works tirelessly to improve customer relationships. However, it also works for your employees’ well being as well. Remember, a happy employee is good for your business and bottom line!


So are you ready to relieve your employees by bringing automation to your business?

How to Organize & Track Your Sales Leads in 5 Steps

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If you are not happy with the current business ROI, then, you might look into your current lead management process. A lead can be managed in a variety of ways. However, if you want to boost your ROI and reach your target sales goal, then what you need is the right tool. A tool that is easy-to-use, flexible and comes along with all the features to track, guide and convert leads to a loyal customer. The best way to pull all of these single-handedly is by using CRM software.


Here’s how sales CRM software manages your leads and boosts your opportunities.

1.  Lead tracking should be the primary job for any successful business. However, relying on paper and spreadsheets to track thousands of leads, won’t give you the best outcome. In this situation, sales CRM comes really handy. However, during CRM acquisition, you have to make sure that your acquired or custom CRM tool has the lead tracking feature. Because, out there, there are plenty of CRM agencies and they come in every shape and size! Lead tracking features can manage and track the prospect throughout the entire sales life-cycle. This feature collects essential information about the lead which later increases the chances of cross-sales and repeated sales.


2.  A lead can come from anywhere. However, you have to track the source of the lead to exploit it even more. Sales CRM Software can track the lead source very efficiently. You can use this data to boost the marketing effort and redirect the funds towards the most successful platforms to gain more leads. Twitter is bringing lower leads than Instagram? Well, you now know where your resource must go for your next marketing campaign.


3.  Once you have selected your sales CRM software and integrated it with your business, it is time to learn how to use it effectively. No matter how robust your CRM tool is, if the users do not know the way around it, then how can it contribute to streamlining the lead management process? Proper training and hands-on are required to use it efficiently. It is advised, you talk to the Sales CRM Software Solutions Company if they offer any kind of training or not before signing any contract.


4. Training will be done for a limited time. Hence, your employees won’t grasp 100% about the recently acquired CRM. Here, you have to take the initiative. You have to go through the manual or maybe you need to take extra training so you can teach your sales team about the left-out features later on. Remember, the more your employees know about the lead management features, the better it is for the organization.


A sales CRM software solutions company can bring noteworthy changes in your business.

Don’t overlook the effectiveness of sales lead management. Businesses that struggle for long and end up killing every opportunity. Lead management done by sales CRM can save your company time, money, and increase your sales dramatically and you will enjoy greater customer satisfaction and increased revenue. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with best CRM software development company CRIMS and start the lead management process like a pro.

Choose the Right Software Vendor for your Business: The Dos and Don’ts Explained

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Navigating the selection of custom software development companies. One step at a time.


Business and organization of all shapes and sizes using CRM software to manage their day to day jobs. From tracking inventories to reviewing customer complaints, this software has become an integral part of organizations. This is the reason an entrepreneur must do their homework before investing in CRM Software Development Company.


Choosing a custom software development company for your Business: A 5 step buyer’s guide

1. Do not question the Custom Software Development about what they can do. Instead, you have to let them know what you exactly need from them. Acquiring new custom CRM software is a huge step forward, and it can be the solution to your existing problems. But, you have to recognize them and you have to describe this to the CRM software development company.


2. While you are choosing the CRM Software Development Company, make sure they have proper certificates and clearance. Look into their past. How many years have they been serving the community of CRM software development? What are their track records? Do they have any partnership programs? The more you question, the better it is for your needs.


3. Like any other agreement, a business must be vigilant and must be fully aware of the contract’s terms and conditions. Go through every page. Especially look at the “Liability” section. Besides this, understand who will own the source code after completion of the development. What is the total cost of CRM software? How they are going to receive payments etc.


4. Involving your team in the acquisition of the new software is always a great idea. After all, your team is going to use it daily, right? The best way to acquire the best Custom Software Development company is by running a trial. Ask your preferred agency for a limited day trial and let your employees use it and ask them for feedback. Review the feedback and ask the software development company how they are going to fix these issues. Remember, businesses occasionally fail for reduced CRM adoption rates and the primary reason for this is, not involving employees during the software development process.


5. Reference works like a charm. Ask the software vendor to refer to their previous clients. If possible, talk with them and ask how they have delivered. Besides this, look for the reviews. You do not overlook checking reviews to buy a new dress, so why not the CRM Software Development Company? Ask the existing customer about the customer service the vendor offers. Are they knowledgeable and work on the problem swiftly?


Too much responsibility to acquire a CRM Software Development Company? We are here to help!

A custom CRM offers exceptional benefits to the business. We can understand that acquiring new software for a busy entrepreneur is a daunting task. Having accumulated years of experience in the software development field, CRIMS have always offered a product that a business always craved for. We have designed flagship products for many businesses and we can do this for you as well by keeping the cost of CRM software at a minimum. Want to check our reviews and previous clientele? Or, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our dedicated custom CRM software development team.

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