7 Reasons your company needs CRM in 2019

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If you’ve been dreaming about a magic crystal ball that can keep tabs on all of your clients, enhance interaction with your team, and encourage you to stay on top of your daily tasks, we’ve got you covered! Well, it might not be magic, but a CRM can certainly make your life simpler and it’s a proven choice that guarantees business success.


If your business isn’t already running a CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool, then 2019 is the year for you to give it a try. CRM, which stands for customer relationship management, has numerous potential advantages for businesses. Here are 7 different reasons why your business needs to use CRM in 2019:


Organises Your Data:
One of the features included in nearly any CRM tool is the capability to record and manage data about your clients and potential leads. This lets you stay organised without having to build your own system. And it further guarantees that whenever you’re interacting with a customer, you’re aware of their history so that you can effectively sell to them.


Organise Team:
If an activity is set, such as a meeting with a client or a shipping deadline, your whole team will have up to date reports to share across all departments.


Maximise Selling Opportunities:
Following up too late is a huge reason why businesses fail to convert prospects and lose valuable customers. A CRM will inform the sales team when and “how” to follow up. Track and examine these scheduled activities and fine tune and tweak to maximise profitability.


Saves You Money:
CRM helps decrease costs by presenting an effective platform, cutting back on customer support call time, team emails updating each other regarding a particular job or client, and saving time earlier wasted on simply being disorganised


Higher Profits:
CRM improves sales by increasing team efficiency and catching leads that used to get lost somewhere in the pipeline, and by maintaining customer loyalty with an outstanding quality of service. Less time is spent to accomplishing more!


Connects to Other Services:
Many services connect to platforms you probably already use. For instance, with Unicode solutions’ CRM software development services, you can integrate your CRM with WordPress and multiple payment platforms.


Uses Social Media Data:
The 21st century is the time for social media. And some CRM tools are even bringing up exciting techniques for integrating customer data. Few CRM can search through multiple social platforms to find important information about clients or potential customers. This lets you bring even more data into the equation, which could assist you to make even more particular groups of target customers or narrow down your messaging even further.


Simply using a CRM as an address book will not give you the best ROI. There is a learning curve when implementing a CRM for the first time or when updating to a newer release, so you have to train your team correctly so they can utilise the many features a CRM has to offer. Once a CRM is employed to its full potential, it can drive your business to a higher profit margin and surpass your competition with great customer service!


Exploring 6 Major benefits of CRM software for your business

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Simply put, Customer Relationship Management, a.k.a. CRM is a software who balances all your sales tasks single-handedly. It’s a tool designed to increase revenues and profitability, decrease costs and increase customer loyalty.


Unicode solutions offers custom CRM services in Delhi, which have multiple benefits like integrated sales tracking, Omni-channel support, Managing sales team, Easy API compatibility, Receive & manage all the information in a single dashboard and much more. Anyone, who has ever struggled with customer management, can find a suitable answer with our custom CRM services.


Still asking yourself “Is it worth it?” here are some benefits of having a CRM that may change your mind:


Better Sales Performance

Obviously, it is the primary reason to have CRM software. CRM software/ tools enable you to track quality leads and reduce business inefficiency like time wastage. You can reduce the sales cycle and can improve the conversion rate. Furthermore, you can track customer’s purchasing histories to identify possible leads, upsell opportunities, or repeat clients.


Flexible & Effective

CRM is a flexible platform that can be integrated with other business management tools like project management, accounting, data processing software and different web services easily. This enables you to collect the entire business data in a single place which allows having a 360-degree view of the customers. Easy integration with different social media platforms and email services makes it possible to manage, prioritise and reply to a customer’s query on a real-time basis.


Track your marketing campaign:

Running an email or social media campaign? Looking for in-depth analysis to know if the campaign is working or not? Guess what, CRM software can track your marketing campaigns and monitor the success rate and conversion rate of sales. You can even make reports on your projected sales pipeline based on the responses you have and gain a greater understanding of which part of your marketing is working or not.


More Customers and Revenue:

CRM systems help businesses to effectively recognise potential customers. It keeps track of customer profiles and the business can make new strategies to discover which demographics it should target to reach a wider customer base. If you have CRM data, you can coordinate promotional & marketing campaigns more efficiently by ensuring that such promotions will not target people who are already your customer. CRM further assures increased customer retention through the implementation of loyalty programs.


Automate routine tasks

Imagine the number of leads that come in on every day. Now, if you have to manually check them and update their status, then half your productive day is gone. Our CRM services come with features that enable you to set tasks, rules, and other features to help you to automate routine tasks and focus on what you do best: selling!

The task, such as reminder emails, filling out order forms and more are taken care of without you having to do much work.


Better customer support:

Knowing the history of past conversations with each client allows your support team to offer exceptional customer service all the time. By providing access to detailed customer notes and communications, CRM allows your support team to see the person behind each ticket.


The key outcome here is that, if you use CRM software, you will have elevated collaboration, increased productivity and definitely heightened customer satisfaction. All of these bring in faster revenue and business growth. So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for the best custom CRM services in Delhi, contact us today. Let us be a part of your business success story.


5 Ways using a CRM software can increase sales for your business

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When you have a strong customer relationship management (CRM) policy in place you’ll have a system you can depend on to manage all your business connections and interactions with customers and prospects. This is important for businesses who are working in today’s digital world since it helps you enhance your customer relationships and ultimately helps you to achieve your business goal.


Following the 5 tips to make sure your CRM system is being utilised correctly to ensure great sales:

Share Information Across Your Sales Team
If your business processes aren’t well coordinated, it can make a lot of needless trouble and will definitely waste valuable time. Not only does having everyone on the same page keeps everyone informed with up-to-date information about customers, but it will lessen the risk of silly mistakes that can make your business seem unprofessional.


For instance, if a lead is reached twice by the same company it can make your organisation seem disorganised. A CRM system can save all of the important information and share it over your team, so everyone knows about the development of sales, and no unnecessary work is expended.

Prioritise Your Prospects and Customers
The business world is a tough world. While you may desire to try treating all your prospects and clients as equals, you can’t do that. If you need to run a successful business, you have to learn how to prioritise your customer’s efforts. Something that’s upheld by research, is that repeat clients want the same (or more) attention than new customers.


They’ll typically consume nearly double what your new clients spend and save you cash that you’d otherwise pay throughout the acquisition process. Every business will need to build its own unique way in which to pick which of your clients and prospects are more important though. Once you do manage to determine what these particular characteristics are, you’ll want to put your CRM software to work for you. You can utilise it to segment your contacts into priority groups.

Improve Communication
There is plenty of CRM software development company in Delhi NCR, and each one will tell you to don’t depend too much on emails and wasteful meetings. Why? Because excessive interdepartmental emails and wasteful meetings within your sales and marketing teams are two significant distractions for your marketers.

It’s easy for miscommunication to happen here, which usually results in interdepartmental conflicts. However, when you have CRM software in position, everyone can become much more productive in their jobs since they’ll have focused tracking records ready to help them know what sales and marketing tactics are really useful for your company.

Track Sales
You have to regularly monitor your sales cycle if you want to close sales and keep relationships. Using CRM to keep an eye on your sales cycle can assist you to fix any imperfections in your plans in order to increase your sales. Each step of the process can be supervised by CRM software, which can tell you what is working, what isn’t and what requires to be done.

Stay current with reminders and notifications
When you are busy fighting to take care of the day-to-day duties of your business, it is easy to overlook some follow-up email or making a phone call. Sadly, this mistake can lead to lost business. When you implement a CRM system you can rest assured that you will never have to worry about missing a connection with a customer.


Not using a CRM system? You are costing your business valuable sales. If you would like more information regarding how a CRM system can help your business, contact Unicode Solutions. We are one of the best CRM software development companies in Delhi NCR and our qualified staff is here to help you improve your business 24/7.


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