How to choose the best sales CRM for your business?

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If you are searching for the best CRM( Customer Relationship Management) tool, you are not alone. CRM software is a huge business- According to Gartner, in 2018 alone CRM was worth $ 40 billion business!


Since the industry is so vast, it’s not surprising that hundreds or maybe thousands of products have emerged throughout the year, all with their own pros & cons.


With all those shiny CRMs out there, choosing the right sales CRM software for your business can be a difficult job.


If you are going through this particular situation, hopefully, this blog post will offer you some guidance on how to choose the perfect CRM tool for your business.


Understand different types of CRM:
It is essential that you clearly understand different types of CRM tools that have been built to answer the needs of different business verticals. So before you select the best CRM, you must know what problem you are trying to solve. Know the factor which differs CRM tool with each other, factors like Sales intelligence, Sales lead management, campaign management, analytics, operation, customer relationship & collaboration. Understanding different CRM is crucial and takes your time to analyse the differences.


Ease of use:
This is one of the key components of getting CRM success. The cost and feature of your selected CRM can be perfect, however, is it comfortable to use? Most monumental mistakes you can make is buying a CRM that is difficult to use for employees.


If the software is difficult to use, the adoption rate by employees will be low and this can lead to business inefficiency. According to Inside CRM, ease of use is the most crucial variable you must keep in mind when shopping for CRM. Before choosing the product, ask this question to acquire the best CRM for your business:


How polish the URL?
Does the transition animation flow nicely?
Does the sales team love logging into the CRM daily?
Does it have an easy navigation button?


Easy Integrations:
A great CRM must be capable to work in harmony with your existing business applications. If your CRM software doesn’t play nice with other applications, you and your employee’s life will get miserable. As a sales CRM software provider, we would like to say that, take it as a ” Red flag” when a CRM system doesn’t play well with the organisation’s existing application. If the tool isn’t flexible enough, move on, try other CRM tools.


Native mobile support:
Mobile is essential and we don’t have to convince you to recognize this fact. Needless to say that if you or your team is not able to access the tool from bile devices such as a smartphone or tablet, you have made a bad investment. Spend money on CRM that lets you answer a distress customer call while you are on the move.


Customer support:
Once you have implemented, how your vendor will assist you when you have an issue? Before purchasing a CRM tool, make sure to look into the types of support or maintenance you will get. You can always read online reviews or contact their existing clients to investigate your selected vendors after sales support.


If you run into a problem which cannot be solved on your own, it is crucial that help is available when you need them. Otherwise, you will struggle to use the software and won’t get the maximum result from your CRM solution.


Can’t Find It? Consider Building It


No matter how much and how long you search, there is a possibility that the CRM market may not deliver you the right solutions for your industry or workflow. It is a very common incident, faced by many. It is a very common incident, faced by many. That is the reason Crims emphasizes that if the shelf CRM software doesn’t satisfy your need, you don’t have a compromise. That is when you must consider building a custom solution to fulfil your needs.

Reasons why your business needs an E-commerce website today.

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In today’s competitive and convenience-focused society, no one wants to travel miles to buy things. Instead, customers want to get things with a few clicks and touches.


Since the majority of people browse products online, it is obvious that you must have an Ecommerce website irrespective of your business scale.


However, if you still in doubt about owning an e-commerce website, then look no further, here are the top 5 reasons why e-commerce is so necessary for your business and just how much you can benefit from moving online today.


Offer convenience:
Your customers are moving online, they are leaving the traditional way of shopping. Hence, if you want to sell your services or products and want to increase your revenue, you can’t wait for your clients to come to your place. You must do what your competitors doing already. You must set up a place where your prospects can look, compare and buy things at their convenience.


Expand your business reach:
Today, the internet is everywhere, people throughout the world can visit your website at any time, indicating that for those looking to grow their brand and business reach out to a wider audience, you have the opportunity to do so. Compare the number of users you can reach through a website to the number you can reach through a physical store, there’s no reason you shouldn’t look at taking your business online if you’re looking to increase your reach.


Less Overheads:
Your customers are always searching for the best deals. If you sell your products through an e-commerce website, you will be able to sell your products at an aggressive price. Why? Well, when you are selling online, you are not paying bills like shop rental, security measure, utility bills and you don’t have to pay a large number of employees as well, which without any doubt reduces the overall cost of your product or services.


As your business grows, it is obvious that you will introduce more products and very likely you will love to increase your audience. An e-commerce website offers you the flexibility to expand your product lines, add new features whenever you think is necessary without relocating to new and larger premises as you might have to with brick and mortar stores.


Reduced risk:
An online shop or e-commerce allows you to enjoy increased profitability with less risk as you will most likely require a smaller workforce with the reduced risks of rogue workers, shoplifting and damages to products that can often happen in a physical shop.


Increasing the number of possibilities to market your products and services can massively contribute to the numbers of sales you generate. However, don’t think that simply by creating an e-commerce website you will automatically drive more and more new customers. There is still some work left that has to do in order to get business success; such as driving traffic, present informative content and engage visitors.


E-commerce can help you to reach your business goal, reach out for crims – one of the best eCommerce, CRM development company in India based in New Delhi serving to answer all your digital needs.


How to choose the best CRM tool for your business?

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Much more than just a place to save contact details, a CRM or Customer Customer relationship management is a great tool that enables even the smallest businesses to ‘punch beyond its weight’ when it comes to gaining new leads, drive more traffic, following up prospects and more.


However, this enormous benefit will be lost if you fail to choose the best and most appropriate CRM tool for your business in the first place. In this blog, you will learn how to select the best CRM tool which can help you to fulfil your business goal. When you are done with this blog, you will know exactly what to get and where to go in order to obtain the best CRM system that drives high ROI.


Tips choosing CRM software:


Features:Few features are common and come in almost every single CRM system like contact management, while others have some unique features such as Outlook Integration. Know what features you need most, evaluate all the options and pay attention to how the features can directly affect your business results.


Ease of use: How easy to use is the CRM you are choosing? One common mistake done by many business owners is by purchasing a system where the learning curve is steep and difficult for employees to use.
If the navigation and features are not user-friendly, the adoption of the tool will blow, and your CRM will make you less efficient. If some team members are using it and others are not, you lose alignment throughout the team, and data integration goes out of the window!


Integrations: A good CRM tool must work in harmony with your existing software. If your CRM software doesn’t work properly in accordance with email, for example, you are in a world of constant pain! Various business experts emphasis on seamless integration and if you selected CRM tool doesn’t easily integrate with your existing platforms, it is time you look elsewhere.


Find a Program that saves your time: One of the greatest advantages of having a CRM system in the first place is it’s the ability to save time on customer communication. So it is essential that you evaluate the system and check if it is fulfilling it’s the basic purpose and helping to accomplish your business goal.


Product Demo: It is highly advisable that you ask for a product demo to the vendor before buying it. This is your one and only chance to push the limit of the CRM tool. Try to break it if you can! With an extensive taste, you will know the strength and the weaknesses of the tool for your businesses’ needs. Many business owners ask for a demo and barely scratch the surface. If you want to utilize the CRM to the fullest, take your time and taste in round the clock.


Selecting the correct CRM for your organisation is essential. Above checkpoints will definitely help you to get started, however, make sure you spend enough time in the research and test process. You must choose a CRM tool that works great with your business, as selecting the right CRM tool will determine your businesses’ survivability in the market.

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