Stats that prove you need CRM Software Development in 2020.

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Yet another day at the office. Lunch break is already over, but you still haven’t got the report because your employees are juggling between different apps and entering all your customers’ data into that confounded Excel table. Your business is drowning in sales quotas and you can feel the pressure surrounding you.


Fortunately, technology is evolving situations and so on, this problem can become a thing of the past. With the development of CRM systems, managing all the client information, engaging with other teams, and building efficient sales strategies are much easier.


Check out our CRM statistics below to improve your business and avoid the stress of managing your customer data manually.


  • If we go back 9 years ago, we will find the market of CRM was $14 billion industry, which will be expected to grow 600% by 2025 and the market value of CRM would be $80 billion. In the beginning, it was meant for only the big conglomerates. However, with continuous development, this has become more modular and today no matter how small your business is, you can afford and acquire a CRM as per your needs.



  • Did you know, according to CRM Magazine, more than 91% of businesses, who have more than 10 employees, nowadays use CRM developed by a professional CRM development company to increase business efficiency? As we said many times that, the business environment is quite aggressive and in order to stay ahead in the game one should be competitive in their respective fields. A CRM software automates a repetitive business process, streamline data storage facility and improve better client relationship. Businesses who make use of CRM today will definitely secure their tomorrow.


  • According to renowned institution Nucleus Research, a CRM can draw $8.71 for each dollar you invest in. The question that appears now, why the number is so high? Well, it is because of a CRM designed to streamline business processes and boost employee productivity. With automation, your employees don’t have to spend time in data entry, they can do what they are best at such as sales and customer management. In other words, your employees have more time to engage with clients to offer the best service that turns them into loyal customers. Which is difficult to do while using traditional software.


  • It has been proven by SuperOffice that customer experience provided by CRM software is better than another form of marketing strategy. Customers want more personalized service and it is essential that you serve their demands. By 2020 customer satisfaction will play a crucial role in a customer’s decision making abilities. People nowadays want to pay more for good service and you must consider this trend to be successful in 2020.


  • According to Cloudswave, a CRM developed by a professional software development company can increase overall sales by up to 300%. Since CRM automates most of the jobs, your sales reps have now had more time to engage with the possible leads to walking them through the sales funnel. They have more time to nurture leading, building trust and understanding customer’s need to offer personalized service which customer’s wants.


As you can see, the success story of your business in today’s competitive market depends on the software you use and CRM is one of the best tools that has needed basic features that you can use to stay ahead in the game. Not only for 2020 but f or a prolonged time. Do you have any thoughts about building a CRM? If yes, how about calling the software development company in Delhi?

What basic features should a cloud CRM have ?

custom CRM software development company delhi India

The modern-day business environment is highly competitive. Businesses who want to prosper must make use of effective Cloud-based CRM software to manage a healthy relationship with the customer. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, you need a dedicated platform that drives your business effectively to establish the success and market dominance and to do so there’s no better alternative than cloud-based custom CRM software developed by the professional software development company.


A good CRM system adjusts to the changing business environment and needs, but while acquiring one, it does come with many basic features that you may or may not need. However, below the top 6 core features is crucial and you must guarantee they are there when you are on course to buy or develop a cloud-based CRM software.


Lead Management: Leads drive sales and sales bring revenue to the business. Capturing and nurturing leads should the primary job of any CRM to bring much needed financial balance. Hence, management is a crucial feature that should be there from the beginning no matter what CRM you are having.


Contact Management: A functioning CRM must have a great contact management system in place. Good contact management, system analysis, customer interaction and offers great detail about the customer’s situation and needs which later used to fix any ongoing issue or to offer personalized deals which customer was expecting.


Deal Management: A sales pipeline is a chain of the process that follows a long trail. Having a handy tool that can track the leads about their position on the sales pipeline helps sales reps to work more efficiently. With the help of Cloud-based CRM software, users can put a filter to find out each prospect’s position easily with a few clicks. This practical lead tracking process gives sales reps a greater advantage in closing deals fast and efficiently.


Email Integration: Till now email is the most efficient way to attract a customer and it’s an unbeatable communication tool as well. Email is a particular application that sales reps use every single day and having them integrated into CRM will definitely help them to be more productive in what they are good at!


Calendar Integration: A Calender is a management tool and people spends a lot of their valuable time in adding an appointment or essential dates in it. CRM which comes with an integrated calendar can be used to record data without switching between applications. Needless to say, when people are not juggling between two or more applications, they tremendously reduce the chance of making any human mistake.


Reports: Analytic report is a tool that lets you know about your current business position and it helps the administrator to take notable action based on the data CRM provides for a business’s success. While you are going for cloud-based custom CRM software development, make sure you let the software development company know that you need a robust analytic mechanism that will offer deeper insight into the entire business domain. Yes, it will take some more time and cash to develop, but it’s worth it.


There you have it! The top basic features should a cloud CRM has. If you are still doubtful about the effectiveness of CRM, you may want to look into the benefits of cloud-based CRM for businesses. Remember that, cloud-based CRM comes with many features and above 6 will set the right track for you. If you have any queries or want to know how much CRM Software development in India will cost you, you can find the details by getting in touch with one of our CRM experts now.

How CRM Can Boost Your B2B Marketing Efforts?

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Thanks to the advent of the internet, the way people interact with a brand and purchase from them has changed dramatically. The study provided by CEB or Corporate Executive Board proves that B2B clients are at least 57% through their buyer prior to they get in touch with the seller. Other independent studies estimate even greater numbers. And with this dramatically changes in the customer’s buying pattern, a marketer must change their marketing pattern as well.


This is where custom CRM software can help to strengthen your B2B marketing efforts. With a CRM integrated with your inbound marketing strategies and digital marketing campaigns, both marketing and sales domain will effortlessly align and be all the more efficient.


Here are the top three ways CRM can boost your B2B marketing efforts:


Get new leads and bring back old ones: Customers are the reason for a prosperous business. However, with the growing competition and ever-changing business dynamics, finding a suitable lead is not a simple task. But, did you know a CRM software made by the experience CRM development company can help you in lead generation? If we go technical, a CRM does not just generate leads, it also tracks possible customers. Most custom CRM software comes with features such as lead nurturing, which helps to move a stubborn deal through your sales pipeline and all the process gets done automatically. Besides nurturing the lead and drawing new possibilities, a CRM can efficiently help to re-engage with old leads as well. By using this software, one can automate most of the customer engagement methods. All these features end in highly-qualified leads who are available to do business with you.


Focused targeting: Targeting suitable prospects to draw sales is the most difficult job faced by many marketing pros. To get the best result, a marketer must go through an enormous amount of customer data to understand his/ her targets’ needs to send a proposal that appeals exactly to them. Marketing researchers have proven that more than 70% of buyers care about personalized content. And for a human being, it is quite impossible to tailor a marketing strategy to meet every customer’s needs. Fortunately, a custom CRM software can dig through the customer data to build an effective marketing strategy that your prospects won’t be able to ignore. CRM makes use of every information and builds a strong tailor-made marketing strategy that will meet your prospect’s needs. This method helps to boost your marketing capability and drive sales. However, most importantly it helps to boost customer satisfaction.


Segmentation: A successful prediction is crucial for business success. B2B marketers must be capable to understand the common trends before they start engaging with customers. A marketer must be able to filter out prospects by age, industry, jobs. Yes, the filter or segmentation is essential to increase marketing efficiency. However, they also need to segment opportunities based on recent activities, responses, personal likes and dislikes, products already purchased, e-mails opened, e-mails replied, and even social media activity. The sharper the customer profile is, the more positive opportunity you have to turn them into your customers. CRM software can segment customer data within minutes and it can further suggest the right marketing approach as well.



CRM software can be a bit expensive, but you can outsource the job to an experienced software development company in India. Not only cost but by outsourcing, you will get a lot more benefits as well, few benefits are stated here. Whether you need to focus on marketing or considering to boost your sales by increasing your employees’ productivity. A custom CRM software can do all and more with a few clicks. For more information, contact us now.


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