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91% of the most successful sales CRM software adopters agree that marketing automation is “very important” to their business success. By using automation, business organization drives a 14.5% increase in sales productivity. on the other hand, the same software reduces marketing overhead by 12.02%. On average, 51% of businesses are currently using various automation tools to boost their ROI. With more than half of B2B companies (58%) plan to adopt automation technology. You will find these types of proven numbers throughout the internet so we will not talk about that anymore. Instead, we will give you some insight into CRM to help you understand how marketing automation can help your business grow.


Automate task: Have you thought about how much your employees spent time doing manual data entry? Well, if not, then, studies have shown that it’s about more than 25%! Wow, that’s huge, isn’t it? That time should have been spent on doing more productive work, such as making a sales call or attending a meeting. One of the main benefits of having CRM software for Sales Management at your disposal is that it can do the everyday repetitive work automatically by adhering to strict quality measures. By automating the job, you are making your employees live easier and they have the time to work on more useful jobs to boost ROI.


Market Report: Every entrepreneur knows that the market is filled with roadblocks and opportunities. What if you can get rid of the roadblocks, even before you began to run? Wouldn’t it be easy for you to achieve your goal? Sales CRM does exactly that! What we mean by this is, CRM software for Sales Management goes through numerous business and market data to present exceptional reports to predict future market demand, opportunities and upcoming slow down which can affect the business adversely. In short, your sales CRM is the perfect fortune teller you have been looking for!


Effective targeting: Are you sending promotion, offers to every single of your customers? Do you think everyone has the same taste? Well, of course not. However, finding out customer’s needs is not an easy job. Although, a CRM developed by experienced Sales CRM Software development Company do that fine and do it automatically. This CRM will go through the customer’s history segregate them according to their needs so you can present tailored services or products that your customer won’t be able to refuse.


A sales CRM software helps a business in many ways. For your business’ survivability, it’s not an option, it’s a necessity. For more information about software development for Sales Management, read our detailed report here or contact our CRM expert now.


CRM Role in Sales Strategy

CRM Software Development

Do you know CRM can increase your sales efficiency and employee productivity? Do you know a sales CRM can increase your revenue growth by more than 245%? There are many market studies like this, and you can find a few of them here. Even after reading this number if you are still in doubt whether or not to invest in, CRM software development for Sales Management, we would like to highlight some benefits of this CRM.


Better sales potential: Knowing what your prospects want and need to increase the chance of selling something more than 60%.  Sales CRM offers exceptionally detailed customer insights and treat prospects as leads. By using analytics tools in conjunction with market data about the prospects, your sales teams can offer personalized services, products, and solutions that they were looking for.


Customer Segmentation & Targeting: A business has thousands of prospects and their needs and preferences don’t match with each other. It is understandable, but how would you target them? If someone wants to buy a”blue ” colour shirt, will he/ she like a ‘red” colour shirt advertisement? The answer is obvious! CRM, developed by experienced Sales CRM Software Solutions Company adds features that can segment the entire customer database automatically according to their needs. So, at the end of each marketing campaign, you can make sure that the ads have been delivered to the right people.


Track, Analyze & Repeat: Marketing is a job that needs continuous improvement. However, if you do not know where you should make changes, how you will optimize the campaign for a better outcome? A sales CRM can track and analyse your current marketing campaign and let you know the area that needs your attention. You can use the data to strengthen your marketing and you can push your services and products more aggressively.


Nowadays CRM software for Sales Management has become quite necessary for all sorts of businesses. Businesses profit immensely from effective sales CRM software as they can now attract more prospective with less effort. If you are not making use of these tools today, you are losing a lot.

Explain the modules of Sales CRM.


CRM or Customer relationship management generally covers a wide range of ideas, and principles regarding handling and building relationships with clients using data about not only clients but also associates suppliers and employees. A sales CRM software should ideally support business in executing one or more functions with diverse kinds of functionalities. Here are 3 of those functions:


Automate Inquiries capture:  CRM software for Sales Management enables you to capture inquiries easily and without any direct human interaction with the customers. A professional Sales CRM Software Solutions Company like CRIMS can integrate a feature that can work in the background to collect an enormous amount of data submitted by your prospects through platforms such as your website, social media page, etc. Later, these inquiries get segregated based on their priority and later CRM redirects them to solve the problem to the responsible person. The entire process gets executed within a second, without making any error and wasting valuable time.


Social Media Management: Do you want to increase your sales by making use of the digital marketing method? If yes, then CRIMS CRM can help you in optimizing your digital marketing approach. How? Well, our sales CRM comes with features that can track every aspect of your digital marketing efforts to strengthen your online presence. Every single click, like, share and comments get tracked and that data gets displayed in a single dashboard. Use the information, optimize the marketing strategy and bring in more successful clicks and grow your revenue.


Inventory management: Owning an online business? Dealing with a messy inventory? We can understand your situation and we can help. CRIMS‘ CRM comes with state of the art features that can track inventory situated in multiple locations in real-time. In case your inventory reaching the minimum stock mark, you will receive a notification so you can take appropriate action before things get cold.


To summarize, the benefit of a sales CRM software comes in many forms. It effectively lets you prioritize and meet the promises you have made to your prospects and clients. You can easily track, plan, measure your inventory and deliver your services and products on time. And there’s always room for even more! Interested in acquiring sales CRM software? Don’t know what features you should include?


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