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Any business concerned with its sales needs to perform sales tracking every day. This sole process can ensure your business’s survivability. However, if your business is following the traditional methods, then it is just good on paper. You won’t get the result you need to stay afloat in the current competitive business environment. Paper, the spreadsheet is not an effective tool to manage your leads. However, sales management software is. In fact, businesses that use this software, 70% of them said they have seen growth in their ROI.


Still in doubt about sales management software‘s effectiveness? Find below a list of tangible and intangible benefits that you get from integrating a sales tracking process for your business:

  • Selling to someone you know very little is a daunting task. CRM Software Development company can build a sales CRM software that lets your sales reps gather detailed and deeper insights into your customers. Once they know what the customer wants, everything falls in line.


  • Sales management software saves many hours wasted in drafting reports & waiting for the data. Any report can be generated with few clicks only.


  • Get the data you need to get 360-degree views over your business. Sales CRM can track close rates, deal size, client activities, competitor’s performance and more.


  • Get comprehensive analytics that helps to analyse each sales campaign. Find out the loopholes, fix the issue and carry on doing a successful marketing campaign.


  • This customer service software system helps to carry out better communications with your target audience by monitoring their behaviour.


  • Efficient inventory management by presenting up-to-date data about inventory levels located in multiple warehouses.


  • The mobile version greatly enhances the effectiveness of sales reps while they are outside. Mobile sales CRM offers access to important data anytime from anywhere remotely.


  • Improve client satisfaction by addressing their questions and giving personalized service to them.


So, this is everything and more that you need to know about the importance of sales tracking and sales CRM software. If you are not using a sales CRM with multiple modules, then you are losing a lot of opportunities and endangering your business’ success.


Find out more about the disadvantages of not using sales CRM here. We hope you will find it useful and stay tuned for more. If you need more information, reach out to CRIMS, one of the best CRM Software Development company in India. We are here to help 24/7.

Acquire customers effortlessly and quickly with the right Sales Management Software.

custom CRM software development company delhi India

The business of every shape and size strives to meet one objective- more sales. 5% of customer acquisition can boost profits from 25-95%! However, acquiring a new customer or leads is a difficult task. In fact, the success rate of selling to a newly acquired customer is 5-20%. On the other hand, selling to a customer you already have is 60-70%. The reason is, you know what your customer wants and needs.


If your goal is to acquire new clients and boost the acquisition rate, Sales CRM might be the solution you need. With the right CRM software for Sales Management, you can make the most out of your marketing efforts. With this software, you can target people who are genuinely interested in your brand and keep acquiring a positive impression.


Defining the Target Audience: When you are dealing with thousands of newly acquired leads, you will find it difficult to understand their needs. You always have the chance to push product or services which your audience is not interested in. CRM software for Sales Management can take care of this automatically. Set your parameters and this intelligent software will filter out the customers’ needs. Make use of this data and offer what they need. You will raise your sales volume. In fact, you can do it right, you can expect a return of $8.71 on each dollar spent.


Customized Sales Messages: You are making using of digital marketing channels to boost customer acquisition. However, do you know who will buy from you? If you do not, you are just wasting your resources and time. The sales CRM software comes with features that can track user behaviour on various social media platforms. The data gathered by this can be analysed to create a perfect digital marketing plan. Talk to a professional digital marketer and make a personalized marketing strategy that drives leads.

Build Long-Term relation: Acquisition is important. But, long term relationship is essential as well. Sales CRM can help you keep customers coming back for more. This software continuously gathers customer data after the initial sale to identify the customer in a better way. This info aid in continuing to grow the relationship.


CRM software for Sales Management plays a crucial role in customer acquisition and sales. If you skipped this tool in 2019, you must take a step to have this in 2020. Because stats are proving that you need a CRM Software Development in 2020. However, to do so, you need to use your resources to look for the best CRM software developers. Or, you can call the best Sales CRM Software Development Company now!

Sales Process Automation the next big thing.

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CRM software Development for Sales Management brings notable positive changes in different aspects of the overall sales process which includes jobs such as attractive business proposal making, customer outreach, etc. The most notable advantage a Sales process automation offer is, it can boost the efficiency and productivity of sales representatives. Sales CRM software brings the latest tech in the table which reduces dependency on the traditional data-keeping method and streamlines the entire customer engagement process. Sales process automation has comprehensive benefits and today in this post we will talk about them in brief. So, let’s start.


Sales process automation for B2B and B2C Marketplace


The benefits of CRM software for Sales Management offers depends on the business domain. For example, Businesses who are dealing with the customer can obtain features tailored to meet customer satisfaction. An efficient CRM tool collects every necessary data about the customer, so sales reps can effectively carry out cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Ecommerce giants such as Amazon, Flipkart are already using integrate CRM to serve the customer better and to build effective omnichannel sales.


In the case of B2B, the job of the CRM changes drastically. Now the integrated system focus on precisely increasing the overall business transaction. Here, CRM makes use of its resources to answer the customer’s needs promptly. A well developed CRM software for Sales Management boosts sales reps’ overall efficiency by taking care of tasks such as proposal preparation, notification, deal follow up and many more. A CRM further records and track the customer’s journey so sales reps can make use of that data to boost future sales opportunities as well.


How sales process automation contributes to sales reps and managers’ efficiency?


Sales process automation has a distinct role to serve managers and sales reps. CRM tools integrated with sales process automation to help managers to track the business process with minimum effort. Managers can get deeper analysis to abut the performance of sales reps, marketing, and sales data so they can take necessary action to boost business revenue or fix problems if they have any.


For sales reps, sales process automation helps them to focus on their job which is “selling”. Sales reps don’t have to go through a spreadsheet to track down possible positive leads. They can get everything from the CRM itself. If they are out in sales calls and require any customer/ business data, a cloud-based CRM can help the reps by offering information remotely. With the induction of sales process automation, your sales reps can do what they are good at and other processes such as email reminders and follow-up tasks will be done automatically with zero error.


The Purpose of Sales Force Automation


  • Deep business insight
  • Activity tracking and alerts
  • Automate the sales process
  • Manage the sales pipeline
  • Easy  appointments scheduling
  • Automatically assign leads
  • Produce up-to-date reports
  • Focus on the right leads
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Opportunity Management
  • Increase in Revenue


CRM software for Sales Management offers an incredible advantage over traditional methods to optimize every aspect of the business. They can efficiently connect prospects to the concerning person and help to build immediate fruitful interaction among customers and sales reps to boost the chance of successfully deal closing. With a direct and measurable impact on revenue and commissions, Sales process automation can be just as essential to your business’s ongoing success as hiring a dedicated team made up of experts, personable salespeople. If you want to know more about Sales process automation, you can get in touch with one of the best sales CRM software development companies in India here.

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