Explain the modules of Sales CRM.


CRM or Customer relationship management generally covers a wide range of ideas, and principles regarding handling and building relationships with clients using data about not only clients but also associates suppliers and employees. A sales CRM software should ideally support business in executing one or more functions with diverse kinds of functionalities. Here are 3 of those functions:


Automate Inquiries capture:  CRM software for Sales Management enables you to capture inquiries easily and without any direct human interaction with the customers. A professional Sales CRM Software Solutions Company like CRIMS can integrate a feature that can work in the background to collect an enormous amount of data submitted by your prospects through platforms such as your website, social media page, etc. Later, these inquiries get segregated based on their priority and later CRM redirects them to solve the problem to the responsible person. The entire process gets executed within a second, without making any error and wasting valuable time.


Social Media Management: Do you want to increase your sales by making use of the digital marketing method? If yes, then CRIMS CRM can help you in optimizing your digital marketing approach. How? Well, our sales CRM comes with features that can track every aspect of your digital marketing efforts to strengthen your online presence. Every single click, like, share and comments get tracked and that data gets displayed in a single dashboard. Use the information, optimize the marketing strategy and bring in more successful clicks and grow your revenue.


Inventory management: Owning an online business? Dealing with a messy inventory? We can understand your situation and we can help. CRIMS‘ CRM comes with state of the art features that can track inventory situated in multiple locations in real-time. In case your inventory reaching the minimum stock mark, you will receive a notification so you can take appropriate action before things get cold.


To summarize, the benefit of a sales CRM software comes in many forms. It effectively lets you prioritize and meet the promises you have made to your prospects and clients. You can easily track, plan, measure your inventory and deliver your services and products on time. And there’s always room for even more! Interested in acquiring sales CRM software? Don’t know what features you should include?


Why do you need After Sales Management Software?

After sales service support software

The idea of ‘After-sales service’ is linked to extending help on the post-purchase of the product and service. This critical step is the backbone of your business that reinforces your customer retention and promote customer loyalty. In fact, studies conducted by the ‘Marketing Metrics’ shows that your business has to potential to gain a 60-70% higher chance of selling a new product or service to your existing clients rather than new ones.


However, giving great after-sales service to thousands of customers, measuring their demands and offering a proper solution is not an easy job. Luckily, after-sales service management software is here to rescue.


Why do you need after-sales management software?


Offers great support: Good after-sales service means measuring the problem and offering a solution as fast as possible. However, keeping track of thousands of clients is not a child play. Things can go south at any time! An after-sales service management software records every single customer engagement data. Analyse the needs and assign the work to the most suitable person to efficiently tackle the customer concern. The problem is solved within record time without leaving any bad vibe.


Build a relationship: A simple, yet one personal message can do magic for your business. For instance, if you can send birthday wishes to your existing customers, they will develop a sense that you care for him/ her. And if they need something, definitely at first, they will think about your business. However, how would you manage thousands of contacts and send them personalized emails or SMS? Well, the answer is good customer service software. This application is designed to be a fabulous contact management software that can send SMS and email automatically, even your clients are not purchasing anything right at the moment. So sit back, relax and concentrate on your core business strategy is everything being taken care of.


Get business Insight: Many performance indicators such as deal close-ratio, sales rep’s performance, the average time to close a deal, etc. play a significant role in streamlining your sales funnel. After-sales management software keeps these data in one place and offers a 360-degree view into every aspect of your business niche, giving you a tighter grip over your entire sales funnel.


Those are only 3 benefits and there are many others and we will cover that in our future posts. Remember, if you can keep your customer satisfied with good after-sales service your business will reach the heights faster and beyond your expectations.

What are the benefits of CRM software development?

custom CRM software development company delhi India

Years ago, it was a niche concept associated with a handful of businesses. Things have changed and today it is an accepted function in most organizations. Yes, custom CRM software solutions have indeed taken time and resources. But, despite the significant investment of time and money, the benefits of CRM are far too many and long terms to be ignored.


Go Green: The environment is pretty messed up now! And everyone should take the necessary steps to become a responsible global citizen. CRM can help you in this regard. Custom CRM software can significantly reduce the use of paper. Every process that was once carried out by forms and paperwork can be automated with custom CRM software solutions. Not only does this save time and money but it also presents a company more environmentally-friendly.


Customer loyalty and retention: Having a custom CRM software enables you to keep track of your customer’s data & manage it in a more efficient way. Therefore the most prominent advantage is a boost in client satisfaction. And most other benefits of CRM stream from this single point.


Boost sales: The final objective of any business is making sales and drawing profit from it. Custom CRM software solutions help a business to draw profit in many direct and indirect ways. As we have said it boosts customer loyalty which helps to increase customer retention and repeated sales. Besides that, CRM analyses customer data and helps the marketer to set an aggressive perfect marketing strategy to boost conversion. The level of sales is totally dependent upon the software. If you think you can get great ROI through off the shelf CRM, then you are wrong and the reasons are stated here.


Exceptional contact manager: A custom CRM software can store and organize countless details on every individual lead. This can even record prospects’ entire engagement report in a more efficient way automatically. Instead of wasting time sorting and collecting contact information through the spreadsheet, users can amplify their time spent selling and nurturing the leads. Furthermore, your marketing team can properly analyse consumer behaviours and ongoing market trends really fast and hence conduct more thorough research regarding a company’s client base and product offerings.


Exceptional fortune teller: The market experiences ups and downs every single day. Finding the balance would help a business to swim through the current effortlessly. Custom CRM software solutions make use of all the sales data and analyse marketing trends. This report later passes along with the business administrators who can then work on how to curtail costs, the inventory they need to stock, the kind of discounts that could be allowed and so on to make a profit even if the market is full of unpredictable turmoil.


Personalized service: With the implementation of CRM by a professional CRM software company, businesses are better able to recognize customers’ desires and personalize their services and products as they wish for. CRM is often the brain behind the key to business innovation which brings success.


With custom CRM software solutions in place, your business will definitely reap excellent ROI. However, to reap the best out of your customer CRM, make sure you are getting it from the experienced custom sales CRM software development company.


More and more businesses are turning to custom CRM solutions as a way of improving their business stance. So when you are making your move? Get in touch with the best software development company in Delhi today and secure your businesses’ tomorrow.

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