How Software Development can help your business?

custom CRM software development company delhi India

Your business is unique and so is your target audience. Even though there are many businesses available in the market with similar services and products, the reality is, you won’t find a hundred percent similarity among them. The user experience also offered by the businesses tend to differ a lot. The way they handle a customer query also not the same. All this leads to one conclusion which is, your business is unique and this is the reason you must develop systems that deliver a unique experience to your business. So how can a customer software help you to stand out from the crowd?


Uniqueness: As we said earlier that every business is unique and there’s no single magic bullet to hit every target. This is the reason you must consider a customized approach to fulfill your specific business needs. And a custom software development company can help in this regard and they can develop unique software for your business, target audience and market. All your needs will be personally addressed. It will automate your several business processes in a way that ready-made software cannot. There can be more reasons to get your own custom CRM tool which you can check out in our other blogs.


Processes Become Optimized: When your business software plays nicely with your existing applications, you will be able to enhance your business process to run at their optimal levels. A custom CRM/ ERP software doesn’t require you to make changes to your existing software or business process. Instead, software development companies take note of your existing applications or business process to build the application tailored to your business model so you won’t face any compatibility issues in the future. The goal here is to boost your business process, not to replace them.


Scalability: Every business wants to grow and scale up their inventory.  Scalability means adding new products, services, features or functionality in an already existing application. Where ready-made software will never give you that much flexibility to scale up without paying a hefty fee, custom software, on the other hand, gives you unparalleled possibility to scale up. If you are tech-savvy, you can add those products or service details by yourself. However, if you want to add new features, just give a call to your preferred custom software development company. They will take care of everything. Now, during the initial phase, you must be careful and choose software wisely to gain the scalability feature.


More Security: This is one of the most underrated elements of owning a custom business software. Do you know why Windows PC is the most vulnerable OS? Well, the reason is the number of users. This concept is similarly applicable to a ready-made software as well. Since they have many users, shady people will try to exploit their vulnerabilities. However, custom software is being used by a few people and within your organization only. Hence, the chances are being attacked by a malicious cyber-attack reduced to.


Above mentioned points are not completed at all. The reason is the benefits your business can gain from a custom software is immense. So, if you really want to see your business grow, don’t waste your time anymore. Your competitors are already growing by using personalized business software and it is time you make use of custom software to scale up your business too.

How much does CRM Software Development cost?

custom CRM software development company delhi India

Before we start to talk about the development cost CRM, first, let’s fall back a bit behind and understand why someone must consider a CRM in the first hand. According to Entrepreneur, 46% sales team reports the overflowing use of the CRM system. The average ROI on CRM software is more than USD 8 on every USD 1. An efficient CRM developed by software development companies can boost revenue growth by 29 percent.


According to Nutshell, 24% more sales employees fulfilled their annual target by utilizing CRM software. The same organization also said that 47% of CRM users seen a significant impact on customer satisfaction after integrating CRM software. So, we believe that those numbers can be enough to prove the point of the need for CRM. However, if you want to know, you can reach here.


Now let’s get back to the business and have a discussion about how much this spectacular business application costs! Before starting off, we would like to say that, no one can offer you the exact cost, the price varies in many aspects, they are as follows:


Size: The calculation of the overall CRM cost is quite straightforward here. The more users you have, the more resources you will need and to do so, you have to pay more. We have walked on several big and small custom CRM development projects and we believe we can give you a rough estimate here. Generally, if you have 10-20 users, you will have to pay about USD 5K to 8K. If your CRM size is medium and the users are more than 25 but less than 40, you need to make sure you have budgeted about USD10K to 25K and finally, if the users are more than 50, the cost will start from USD 30K.


The type of CRM: If you are considering subscription-based CRM, then definitely you will pay more. Yes, you heard that right. While paying a monthly small amount of subscription charge may sound affordable, however, you won’t stop paying for a prolonged time and in the end, you will pay a lot without gaining anything. What we mean is, if you opt for a custom CRM solution, you will spend a good amount of money at the beginning and you own the software. You can do whatever you want or maybe you can sell it if you have to. Custom CRM is an investment, however, subscription-based models aren’t.


Complexity: The more complex your CRM, the more you pay. Functions such as social media integration, multiple payment gateways, data migration, etc. These features take a lot of resources to integrate into CRM and definitely, a CRM software development company will charge you more. Don’t opt-in for a lot of features, integrate only what you need to reduce expenses.


Mobile CRM: Your sales representative won’t be able to close a deal by sitting inside the office. They must go out to drive more revenue. Now, carrying a laptop all the time is not possible, although the smartphone is. This is the reason the mobile CRM trend is on the rise and if you need a mobile CRM, your software development company will charge more.


As you can see the cost depend totally upon your need. Yes, a CRM might appear expensive, but the same software can help reduce costs for your business if you consider these tips first. If you are ready to build your custom CRM, you can contact CRIMS . We’ll work with you to make one that best custom CRM tool for your business needs.

Benifits of cloud based CRM for businesses.

cloud crm software development

No matter what product or service you might sell, managing your clients is essential for the growth of your business. 86 % of customers pay more if they get better customer experience and this is the reason 88% of businesses now prioritize the customer experience. Statistically, it might sound pretty easy to offer great service. however, it is reality is far from the truth unless you have a CRM tool.


A cloud-based CRM maintains customer relationships by offering a 360-degree view of customers’ profiles, and their interactions with your company. However, there’s more to than meets the eye. what are those? Find out below:


Easier access: You can access your email Id from any device and any place, right? isn’t that convenient? Of course, it is. Likewise, your email service, if you opt for cloud-based CRM, you will be able to access your CRM data from any device with an active internet connection. This flexible accessibility feature will greatly help to boost many business aspects. Cloud-based CRM is perfect for mobile users. They will be able to access everything remotely. which means greater efficiency, faster responses and the capability to make adjustments and act on new data in an instant.


Flexible & Affordable: The cloud CRM tool sometimes is more affordable than traditional solutions. However, if you are opting out for a monthly subscription, you will spend more. the solution is to go for custom CRM software development. Yes, at the beginning, it will cost more, however, in the long run, you will get the full benefit of owning your own choice of software. Custom CRM software is more flexible, scalable and the list goes on. You can find the top benefits of custom CRM in our blog- Major benefits of CRM software for your business .


Easy installation: The days are gone when you have to go through a prolonged and costly installation process. The efficiency and speed in which they can be integrated is a major factor in their success for several organizations requiring an effective solution without having to wait. A few click here and there, and you are done!


Better security: When you are moving customer data frequently from one PC to another, the data can get corrupted or worse it may get lost. Customer data is sensitive and as a responsible business owner, you must find ways to protect them. Since cloud-based CRM can be accessed from anywhere remotely, you don’t need to transfer the data manually, which reduces the risk of data getting lost or corrupted. Simply the authorized person login and can look at the customer data he/ she might need without risking anything.


Scalability: Your business will grow and so does your CRM system. However, if you use traditional CRM, you need to add more servers to store new customer data. However, if you opt for cloud-based custom software development, you will be able to avoid the cost of adding more servers every now and then. Cloud-based CRM eliminates the expense of additional servers with a small amount of extra data storage space on your cloud.

Cloud-based CRM benefits come in many numbers. From saving precious time to overall business expenses for making the business processes more easier and more efficient, using anything other than Cloud CRM solutions becomes hard to grasp once the switch has been made.


If you want to know more about CRM,  read this blog– top CRM benefits for sales managers. Want to talk to a CRM expert? Get in touch with the best CRM software development company in Delhi- CRIMS. Our expert CRM adviser is waiting for your call.

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