Top CRM benefits for sales managers.

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Research conducted by Nucleus Research in 2011 found that businesses who have spent on CRM have got an average return of $5.60 for every dollar spent. Again in 2014, the research was done by the same group and numbers jumped to $8.71 for every dollar spent! This is a clear indication that the benefits of CRM software are going to increase year after year. We have previously talked a lot about CRM software find out more how to choose the best CRM tool for your business. However, today we will share with you a few benefits of having CRM software in the disposal of Sales Managers. Let’s find out:


Track activity: The feature to track the activity helps sales managers and sales reps to track every record of customers easily. Sales CRM software can keep track of everything, from tasks that were completed two tasks yet to be done, as a manager, you can see the full calendar and to streamline the sales process, you can assign the tasks to the appropriate sales reps. In addition to that, if necessary, sales professionals can further set priority against their scheduled tasks and are notified each time a task such as a call or meeting is due.


Centralized Data: Before any sales call even starts, the sales representative will have all the appropriate data about the client at their fingertips. The sales reps will recognize who the buyer is and what service or product they need depending on their past interactions. This will reduce the call duration and help the salesperson to serve the customer in a more efficient and personalized manner.


Sales Forecasting: A CRM will offer management mechanisms real-time information that can be examined in order to optimize the performance of sales reps. By analysing sales CRM’s data, such as up-sell rates, revenue per call, case times, etc., sales managers can execute strategies to retain customers and boost sales.


Reports: Reports generated through sales CRM deliver sales managers a great and comprehensive view of every key sales information. This report holds the set targets & performance assessment report. By using dedicated CRM dashboard sales manager can easily track their sales rep’s progress with insight on achievements to date. Sales CRM software offers sales managers an effective and efficient way to benchmark sales rep’s performance.


Marketing Automation: Taking a day off or two is necessary. But a sales manager has a lot of responsibility to run the business smoothly. But this doesn’t mean the sales manager must not take holidays! By setting up marketing automation through a sales CRM software, a manager can send personalized emails to the customers even when they are spending time with the family on a beach!


The advantages of CRM software begin with the sales manager and end with a closed deal. The key takeaways here are that utilizing CRM software boosts productivity, promotes team collaboration, and increases customer satisfaction levels. All of this helps businesses to grow faster and boost employee satisfaction.


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Why Lead Management Systems are really important for businesses?

Lead management software

There are many lead management software, some simplistic and others more complex and complete, but without any second thought, a business that doesn’t have some kind of software or system to capture, manage and nurture leads will face notable disadvantages, particularly if the business is involved with internet sales.


In summary, we can say that the leads generation is a process of drawing customers and the collection of registration data, such as emails, phone numbers, addresses and names of the prospects, so that you can reach out to them for selling your service or products. Obviously, without the application of lead management software systems, this job becomes expensive and ineffective.


Luckily, these days, there is a broad range of lead management software, each fitting for all types and sizes of institutions, big and small.


So how exactly a Lead management software help a business?


It Effectively filters out bad leads: When you have excess leads, it’s could get virtually impossible to zero-in over particular prospects. But it would be better if you spend your resources on focussed individual prospects whose needs intersect with your business services. For a human being, it is not practical, even impossible job to find out the best lead out of thousands. However, the lead management software has handy tools that help to separate out the leads who are interested in doing business with you. So without wasting time and resources on colder leads, you can reach out to those who are already showing interest in doing business with you.


It collects data and offers Personalize Customer Interactions: The information generally consists of everything you find out and learn about your leads through website visit patterns, email marketing, form submissions, and social media interactions. Using this data, it is possible for you to evaluate customer preferences. You are also able to follow the discussions they have with your sales teams, thereby allowing you to personalize client interactions.


It is affordable and Intelligent: Automating lead management efforts are an excellent way to carry on engagement when a lead wants to communicate with you. It’s likewise an exceptional method to re-engage with possible customers if they are not visiting your website or opening your emails or SMS. An effective lead management strategy can have a tremendous impact on your whole marketing policy. A study conducted by Forrester shows that lead management offers 20% boost in sales opportunities on average. The study also revealed that businesses who use lead management software to carry out an efficient lead management operation, make 50% more sales at a 33% lower cost!


Final Words


The successful implementation of a lead management system is crucial to overall business success. When you have the tool, you must use it to the maximum and help grow your bottom line.
Despite of which lead management software you choose for your business, the most crucial thing is to recognize what advantages they can bring to your business, such as capturing, qualifying and targeting prospects, and passing to the sales team more promising leads that become loyal customers.


Want to learn more about lead management or CRM tool? Take a look at our previous post Benefits of lead management system blog and Basic features for an ideal sales management software blog.


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How erp enhance business productivity?

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ERP software has become an integral part of all well-organized and successful businesses. Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a term every business owner must be familiar with. ERP is a software solution composed of a variety of flexible modules that integrates the different departments of a business in one place. If you are going to transform your business, then ERP software can revolutionize your business world by transforming the way you run your businesses. Learn how ERP improves productivity in manufacturing industry by reading on.


Management Integration: The best ERP software is an effective tool that can set an automated task to manage the resource of the business. It shares the burden of people who are involved with managing resources and these tools are designed to employ the resources in a very efficient way. ERP software manages all your business data and records it in one pre-assigned a place, no need to maintain the spreadsheet and log file since ERP systems will update all the records automatically according to your desire. It keeps the record of business records in systematic manners. Additionally, these tools are developed to follow up projects’ target and goals of employees and assist in updating all employee data effectively. When you use a cloud-based ERP, the process of managing business becomes simple and business gets assured data accuracy as well.


Financial Controls: Finance is the heart of every business, the business owner must keep a sharp eye on how the accounts department is working. ERP enables management greater visibility into the finance department’s overall performance, so the functioning of business accounts can be examined with full integration of performance analytics. By keeping on top of the economic situation there are possibilities to increase business revenue and to enhance financial controls and risk management.


Improved communication: With inbuilt exceptional workflow & reporting alerts, modern ERP software can help to spread accurate information rapidly if any problems occurred or priorities change. The ERP software sends sales information to the warehouse or shop floor almost in real time to prevent any shipping error or overproduction. It further alerts suppliers of changes in demand and assists teams to coordinate projects or complex orders.


Fact-based decisions:If your business does not have an ERP system in place, employees and people from the management rely on the guesswork or they study previous year’s records to make any decision. Now, this is not only a time-consuming task, but it is also a field with many uncertainties that can jeopardize your business success.


ERP software, on the other hand, offers a real-time evaluation report with just a few clicks. As a result, now your employees can make optimal decisions that will lead your business in the right direction. If you want to see your organization at the top of the market food chain, ERP, software development for your business is not an option its a necessity.




ERP not only addresses the current demands of the organization, but additionally offers a chance for refinement & growth in the business process on a constant process. ERP software automatically offers all the necessary data of many business areas, with the help of above-discussed points it is quite obvious that ERP helps businesses in increasing the productivity of employees as well as organizations.


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