How to build a CRM system for your eCommerce business?

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If you want continuous business growth, you understand that CRM or Customer Relationship Management system is essential. According to a study conducted by Nucleus Research, on average, a CRM user can experience more than 8 USD return on every dollar they invest in CRM tools.


Most businesses that use CRM software, leverage it for sales because it helps keep customers and potential customer contact information in one place. Despite being a major sales assistant, if you own an e-commerce business, you will be needing more than a sales tool though. you will need a tool where you can manage your inventory, read your stock status and do more. If you are considering buying the shelf solution, that might not work for you. What you need is a custom solution for your needs. However, if you want to know How to Build a CRM System for Your eCommerce Business, continue with this post!


So before we begin explaining how you can build a great e-commerce CRM software, you must know what benefits you will get from having a personalized solution. The benefits follows:


Better Analytics
Perfect Fit to Your Needs
competitive business advantage
Business Processes Improvements


Now, let’s see the Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Custom CRM Solutions for E-commerce Business
Know your goal:It’s essential to recognize what you want from the CRM. Otherwise, the development process will last much longer than you would like it to.

Our recommendation at this point is to have definite goals for your e-commerce CRM, set of functions or features, and your expectations towards how the software should simplify business processes in a company. In the ideal world, all this must be noted and handed to your IT partner development team.


Define the role: It’s a great idea to prepare a categorization by roles in the CRM (e.g. marketing, inventory management, sales). Each role will have access to specific functionality as well as data. This will help you reduce the potential risks of data breaches among departments that aren’t supposed to see it.


Designing and Building the Wireframes: This stage lays the groundwork for further development. During this phase, make sure you talk to the development company if you think the design is not up to the mark. One piece of advice- bring in your employees and ask them if the navigation and UI look easy to them. If any changes required, let the CRM software developer know. At this point, it won’t be difficult to make the changes, however, if the development phase starts, to change specific things would be a daunting task for the developer and the vendor can charge extra depending upon the changes and extra time they spend.


Internal Software or SaaS Platform: If you have any plan to turn your custom-built Customer Relationship Management system into a software as a service in the future, it’s advised to start developing the backbone of the software for this from the very first day of the product development.


Summing up, it’s worth stating that well-built e-commerce, CRM system can double the efficiency and productivity of your business and team. This tool is a must-have if you want to fight with your competitors and present your customers with the best service and treatment they desire.


In case you need any help with CRM for your e-commerce business, you may contact our team to get a professional consultation. Our team has expertise in building CRM software for healthcare, financial institutions as well as e-commerce, and the entertainment industry. Reach out to Crims today to secure your businesses’ tomorrow.


Basic features for an ideal Sales Management Software

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Irrespective of business shape and size, a CRM software can help a business owner to get things organized. The main benefit of CRM  is to store client’s contact information, track deals and ultimately streamline the sales team’s activities for minimal input & maximum output.


While every CRM software is not the same- depending upon your business type, need, size and function priority- they generally share some common features. These features are the pillar stone of a good CRM tool. And while shopping for CRM, focusing on these features can ensure you don’t end up using a costly and overrated address book!


So, let’s take a look at the key features of CRM that can ensure business success:


Contact management:
This is a process of storing and organizing contact data so that it’s easy to access. CRM tool is a software that is designed to help you and your sales team to better connect with your clients.

The core aspect of this feature is that it enables you to store an extensive amount of data which includes customer demographic data such as; name, location, email, gender, age, etc.


With this particular feature you can further track your customer engagement process like- when they open an email, click on a call to action button, download content, visit the website, etc. The contact management feature generally collects every single data about clients and presents it on a single page which is absolutely necessary for better client management. According to Sales force “Well implemented CRM tool can increase customer retention by as much as 27%”.


Reporting & Dashboards:
This feature enables you to intercept client data. The CRM dashboard provides you real-time in-depth insights into client data like leads, accounts & opportunities to be able to analyse sales performance, sales report, account progress, performance and many more.


With real-time reporting, you can gain deeper insight into your clients which can help you to offer personalized service. Moreover, CRM Reports and Dashboards show consumer profiles by industry, company size, geography, productive assets, resources, and other essential characteristics as well. To understand your consumer base and how it is changing over time, there’s nothing better and easier than a CRM dashboard.


Social media integration:
Your clients are using social media every single day and CRM developers understand this fact. This is the reason, today, many CRM comes with inbuilt social media integration. With this feature, you can jump into a different social media platform directly from your CRM tool.You can track the performance of your social media campaign, modern sales CRM even lets you see the number of shares, comments, like and dislike in one single page. Since social media acceptance is growing in India, we can see that many sales CRM vendors integrating this feature without even asking for a penny, which is good for a business owner.


Mobile CRM:
It’s a must-have feature if your staff working remotely or in the field. With this feature, they will be able to access all CRM features, receive notification and will be able to manage everything from one location via their smartphone or mobile devices.


Aside from the above mentioned most popular basic features of sales, CRM, the following aspect also has a large impact on business success:


Ease of Use


There are many other CRM features also, however, they are vendor and product specific. It is crucial that you know what features you are getting when you buy the tool from a sales CRM solutions provider.


Do you want to know more about how CRM software can increase your business ROI? Reach out to CRIMS for in-depth analysis and price estimation. If you were searching for the best sales CRM tool in Delhi/ India, your hunt is over now. Contact us today!

How to choose the best sales CRM for your business?

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If you are searching for the best CRM( Customer Relationship Management) tool, you are not alone. CRM software is a huge business- According to Gartner, in 2018 alone CRM was worth $ 40 billion business!


Since the industry is so vast, it’s not surprising that hundreds or maybe thousands of products have emerged throughout the year, all with their own pros & cons.


With all those shiny CRMs out there, choosing the right sales CRM software for your business can be a difficult job.


If you are going through this particular situation, hopefully, this blog post will offer you some guidance on how to choose the perfect CRM tool for your business.


Understand different types of CRM:
It is essential that you clearly understand different types of CRM tools that have been built to answer the needs of different business verticals. So before you select the best CRM, you must know what problem you are trying to solve. Know the factor which differs CRM tool with each other, factors like Sales intelligence, Sales lead management, campaign management, analytics, operation, customer relationship & collaboration. Understanding different CRM is crucial and takes your time to analyse the differences.


Ease of use:
This is one of the key components of getting CRM success. The cost and feature of your selected CRM can be perfect, however, is it comfortable to use? Most monumental mistakes you can make is buying a CRM that is difficult to use for employees.


If the software is difficult to use, the adoption rate by employees will be low and this can lead to business inefficiency. According to Inside CRM, ease of use is the most crucial variable you must keep in mind when shopping for CRM. Before choosing the product, ask this question to acquire the best CRM for your business:


How polish the URL?
Does the transition animation flow nicely?
Does the sales team love logging into the CRM daily?
Does it have an easy navigation button?


Easy Integrations:
A great CRM must be capable to work in harmony with your existing business applications. If your CRM software doesn’t play nice with other applications, you and your employee’s life will get miserable. As a sales CRM software provider, we would like to say that, take it as a ” Red flag” when a CRM system doesn’t play well with the organisation’s existing application. If the tool isn’t flexible enough, move on, try other CRM tools.


Native mobile support:
Mobile is essential and we don’t have to convince you to recognize this fact. Needless to say that if you or your team is not able to access the tool from bile devices such as a smartphone or tablet, you have made a bad investment. Spend money on CRM that lets you answer a distress customer call while you are on the move.


Customer support:
Once you have implemented, how your vendor will assist you when you have an issue? Before purchasing a CRM tool, make sure to look into the types of support or maintenance you will get. You can always read online reviews or contact their existing clients to investigate your selected vendors after sales support.


If you run into a problem which cannot be solved on your own, it is crucial that help is available when you need them. Otherwise, you will struggle to use the software and won’t get the maximum result from your CRM solution.


Can’t Find It? Consider Building It


No matter how much and how long you search, there is a possibility that the CRM market may not deliver you the right solutions for your industry or workflow. It is a very common incident, faced by many. It is a very common incident, faced by many. That is the reason Crims emphasizes that if the shelf CRM software doesn’t satisfy your need, you don’t have a compromise. That is when you must consider building a custom solution to fulfil your needs.

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