How to Use CRM to Brand Your Business

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Be it any industry, Customer Relationship Management or CRM is being recognized as one of the critical factors for business success. With the arrival of social media, the idea of social media CRM or SCRM has been constantly evolving and adopted by small to big-shot conglomerates. Social media is the ideal platform to interact with clients, enhance branding, and boost sales. It gives you the possibility to be a brand that passes on the expectations of your precious clients. Find below the top three ways that your CRM solution can assist you to manage your brand and boost its credibility.


Marketing: Branding is the key to your businesses’ market recognition. This is the reason entrepreneurs spends a huge amount of cash on their marketing efforts. A CRM software can be of great help here, as its primary job is to gather customer data to understand their preferences. Once your marketing team recognizes the needs of the prospects, they will be able to streamline the total marketing effort. Once prospects receive personalized marketing content, surely they will make transactions. However, above all, they will be happy to see you are offering something they really need and want. For which, they will return for more.


Boost recommendations: Rather than selling the product once, CRM works in the background to concentrate on boosting repetitive sales. It is well known that acquiring a new client is more expensive than holding on to existing ones. But managing thousand of clients is definitely a difficult task unless you have a CRM in place. This tool, made by a professional CRM software development company is designed to reach your prospects via their preferred channels. At their preferred times. Interact regularly and optimize your content based on their likings. All of these job/ features are customer-centric and once your prospects realize that you are doing something for them, they will definitely return by recommending you to others. Remember, mouth to mouth recommendation still works, the way it used to be!


Immediate support: Customer support is crucial for business success and CRM uses best practices to make it successful. Custom CRM software that comes with social media integration track social media buzz, mentions, etc. And immediately contact the person, understand the issue, and fix it on that platform of social media. The more quickly the whole cycle completes, the better it is for the success of your business. People will notice how swiftly you fix the problem. And if they have any requirements, they will definitely get in touch with you.


CRM is an exceptional tool that comes with numerous advantages besides boosting your brand. It has the potential to boost your ROI in many different ways. If you are interested in owning this futuristic tool, Talk to the best CRM software development company in Delhi, Crims.

5 Ways CRM Can Help Reduce Costs for Your Business

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When a business cut costs efficiently, profits tend to scale-up exponentially. However, how does a business reduce costs? Well, the most common method is by reducing the wastage of resource of course. The dilemma is, how would you identify what’s being wasted in the first place? We can understand, for a human being, it would be too difficult to find the answer. Thankfully, Custom CRM software Development makes it easier for entrepreneurs to achieve just that. And not just in one or two, but 5 distinct ways.


Reduce marketing expenses: According to marketing studies, without a CRM system, 79% of all marketing leads are never converted to sales. And the reason behind this is wrong targeted customers or marketing efforts as a whole. A CRM collect and analyse enormous data to find out the perfect customer profile that just needs a little push to make the purchase. So, in the end, you are targeting people who have already shown interest to buy from you, rather than wasting resources on unfavourable leads.


Boost productivity: A sales team has multiple distinct functions ranging from marketing, customer service, billing, etc. Managing all of these functions can be a daunting task. There are so many disadvantages of not using Sales CRM. CRM can seamlessly integrate all functions at a single dashboard. So, no more productivity loss on constantly window switching to get customer info. Everything is there at your fingertips, ready to be accessed at a moment’s notice.


Eliminate paper costs: Your investment cost of CRM software can save the planet! Yes, that’s right. CRM reduces the use of paper significantly in the organization. On the one hand, it reduces paper or printing costs. And on the opposite hand, for your cause, no tree is being uprooted. Think about this when developing your company’s CSR policy!


Scalability: CRM is scalable which is great for a growing business. This means, once your business starts to grow, you don’t need to build a new system from scratch. Which is requires a hefty investment? CRM is modular and flexible; you can add new features or remove existing ones with a moment’s notice by simply talking to a CRM Software development company.


Improve tracking: Your teams can track their every process. Sales teams can follow every single lead status, the marketing team can follow conversion status, and the service team can track feedback, grievance and much more. Greater accountability leads to low overheads.



As we can see there are many ways to decrease the overall cost of an organization by introducing a CRM. For modern-day business, to taste success, one must not neglect the importance of the CRM system. So are you ready to cut down your business expenses to boost ROI? If yes, let’s talk more over a call with the best Sales CRM software company in Delhi, CRIMS.

4 Ways to Manage Your After Sales Service Effectively

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The concept of after-sales isn’t just a theory anymore. Effective after-sales service has proven to be a proven business process that enhances customer satisfaction, engagement, and retention.


With an effective after-sales service after the usual sales process, you can tangibly affect the likelihood & possibilities for repeat business as well as referrals. Check out these four essential tips for effective after-sales management and service.


Make it personal: There are many options available to choose from to boost your after-sales service. One of the best ways to do this is by making the entire process personal. You do this by sending personalized notes, messages, voice record or emails. Now, sending personalized content to thousands of customers is a gigantic work and humanly not possible. To overcome this situation, you can use After Sales Service Management Software.


Award incentive: Offer your customers a good reason to come back. Now, this reason could be incentives, offers or discounts.  But, before offering any incentive, first, understand what your customer exactly needs or wants. Every customer has their own unique need, and this can be tracked through After-sales management software. Make use of this tool to recognize what your customers are looking for. Offer them the deal they need. It shows you value their business and want a long-term relationship.


Offer the best: Regardless of what is going on with your business, it’s not the problem of your customers. They deserve impeccable service from you 24/7. Treat them like they are the world to you and don’t give them a reason to think otherwise. No matter what Customer service software you make use of, ultimately it is you and the customer. So, make sure the part where you are getting involved is clear.


Ask for feedback: Telling your customers to give feedback about your product and service will let them know their thoughts are being valued. If you improve your service adhering to their feedback, they will come back for more. Because you have answered their grievance and you valued their individual thoughts.


To conclude, good after-sales service is impeccable for many reasons. However, managing and maintaining a healthy customer relationship is a tough job. In this regard, you can always rely on after Sales Service Management Software providers dedicated to boosting your customer/ after-sales service, even if it is 6 am on Sunday morning, automatically!

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