How to Improve a Ready CRM Solution

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CRM software boosts business efficiency, productivity, sales, and more. There’s no doubt that every business would love to achieve this with the help of these exceptional tools. However, for an MSME, investing in large scale CRM such as Microsoft dynamic, Salesforce CRM can be a huge investment. This blog post will help to understand why MSME owners should buy a ready CRM tool and how to extend its features.


What’s a Ready CRM?


Ready CRM is nothing but an overly simplified CRM tool developed by CRM software development company. Most of the time, these tools don’t cost anything. The goal is here to give MSMEs a chance to extend overall business capabilities.


How to Improve a Ready CRM Solution?


Ready CRM comes with basic features and at some point with growing demand, you have to extend its capabilities. Today, we will go through some features that will extend the capabilities of your ready CRM. So, let’s get started!


Email Integration: An email is still the most professional way of making the communication. However, ready CRM doesn’t give much flexibility to send multiple emails every day. This sharing of information among the team can be a really difficult job. To keep everyone on the same page, consider emailing integration at the beginning.


File-Sharing: File sharing among different departments/ employees is a common job that happens within an organization daily. Now, if you are using a ready CRM, you have two options. One is to buy a subscription of Google Drive, Mega Sync, or OneDrive. Or you can save all data into the server where your free CRM is hosted. The later is the most affordable and efficient approach.


Shared Calendar: Ready CRM does allow us to add a new reminder and important event in the calendar. However, it doesn’t share the same with other members or it doesn’t remind the owner of the account either. To improve this situation, get CRM software development solution provider and integrate third-party calendars into your CRM.


3rd party plugin: At this point, you have realized that your ready CRM must play well with third-party integration. If the ready CRM doesn’t integrate 3rd party tool, you won’t be able to extend its feature. So, while choosing the CRM, make sure to read reviews or ask the vendor about the 3rd party plugin integration.


In the end, to Improve a Ready CRM Solution, you have to be careful in your CRM selection process. Or else you can build a small-sized custom CRM software from a software development company for better flexibility and tailored features. If you are going to enhance a CRM anyways, why not start it from the beginning? Get in touch with the best custom software development company in Delhi today to get a quote.

Why a Lead Management System Is Critical for Channel Sales

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Many business owners spend a hefty amount on their marketing strategy to score leads. However, scoring a humongous amount of leads doesn’t always necessitate success. To turn a lead into a customer, there must be a system in place to guarantee every lead goes through the sales funnel. But, this is not a simple job and most businesses don’t realize it until it’s too late.


At CRIMS, we understand that wasting down a single lead is not a good business policy. This is the reason we have to build a sophisticated CRM lead management software. Our tool can take care of thousands of leads and nurture them until they become a loyal customer. You might be thinking, but how your tool can pull this off? Well, the answer is, the following components:


Enhanced Record Management: We have developed our Lead management software system on top of the CRM platform. This helps our system to enhance the data flow from the Lead management software system to the CRM software system effortlessly. This especially comes in handy if the CRM platform is sitting on the partner or the vendor side.


Advanced tracking: We have integrated lead management software with advanced tracking features. This tool is an exceptional way of tracking every aspect of a particular lead. From the prospect’s first point of contact until he/ she makes the purchase, everything can be tracked and improved as you wish.


Lead distribution: It is a rare feature, but we have integrated it for you. Many times the salesperson or your partner may not show interest in a particular lead that you sent. With CRIMS’s CRM lead management software, you can withdraw those leads and redistribute them effortlessly.


Business Insight: A professional CRM software development company should implement a system to present dynamic reporting. Without a reporting mechanism in place, a Lead management software system is nothing but a fancy & an unnecessary burden. Fortunately, with our CRM lead management software, you get more than dynamic analytics. Our custom CRM offers deep 360-degree business insight in a single dashboard so you always know what’s going on and what needs to be changed.


The above component list is not complete. Our CRM lead management software comes with many more components and hidden features. A robust Lead management software system is necessary for today’s business environment. If you are overlooking this simple fact, you are overlooking your business’s wellbeing.

Ecommerce CRM VS. Sales CRM: Which is the one for you?

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If you are here you probably already know about the benefits of CRM. And maybe you are considering this tool to reach your business goal, it’s a great plan. However, E-commerce is an exceptional platform and growing business domain, and numerous software service providers are fighting to get your attention. So how would you choose the best one for your eCommerce business? Don’t worry if you do not. We are here to help.


Why Ecommerce needs CRM in the first place?


Most of the time e-commerce websites don’t have any physical store. Though it saves a lot of resources, there is however a negative part as well. Managing customer experience is quite tough in the online store. The reason is you do not know the customer preference. However, this can be overcome if you take assistance from a Sales CRM Software Solutions company for custom CRM software development that can keep up the customer experience and do more without spending a lot of resources.


So what’s the difference between Ecommerce CRM vs. Sales CRM?


Sales CRM helps to increase business revenue and it is a tool that is built to manage and maintain many aspects of a business. They are a solution that is made to serve all kinds of businesses and industries. On the other hand, eCommerce CRM software is built on exclusivity. They only take care of eCommerce related stuff and offer focused results to grow your online store.


Why you should prefer an Ecommerce CRM over Sales CRM?


Well, as we have stated earlier that these two are distinct in their own respective fields. They are designed to serve different requirements. Sales CRM has different features than Ecommerce CRM.  Find below the more details:


A professional Sales CRM Software Solutions Company knows the importance of integration. ECommerce CRM gets integrated quite easily with the store and you can enjoy the features like data tracking, analytics, etc, right from the beginning.


Is the analytics only good if you can use it, right? Well, eCommerce CRM fetch the report and place it on a single dashboard that is comfortable to go through.


E-commerce CRM gets complete & comprehensive customer profiles details and analyses them to offer better product/ service recommendations. This is not common among generic sales CRM software.


Session logger is an exceptional feature of eCommerce CRM. You can get every single detail of customers’ interaction of the page before making any purchase. This data is crucial to find any roadblock or to see what’s working and what is not.


Well, eCommerce CRM comes with the advanced filtering process. This helps to build a small group of people that have something in common. This makes targeting a lot easier and effective.


Hopefully, now you know why you must choose an eCommerce CRM for your online store. If you are still not convinced, you can talk to one of our CRM experts. We are CRIMS, one of the best sales CRM software development companies in India, offering state of the art business solutions to the futuristic entrepreneurs like YOU.

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