Is it secure to hire an Offshore Software Development team?

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Sending works offshore is not a new trend. It’s been there from the inception of WWW and so far, it has been proven as one of the best ways to reduce business expenses to maximize revenue. When you outsource offshore custom software development job, you must follow through Best practices when Outsourcing Software Development to obtain the greatest benefits. Studies have proven that 59% of businesses outsource to decrease or control their software development costs. 57% of businesses do it to solely concentrate on their business objectives. According to the survey, 78% of business owners throughout the globe are satisfied with their outsourcing partners. So the numbers are impressive, right? Unfortunately, some people went through bad experiences as well.


Every possibility and opportunity comes with risk and offshore software development is not immune to a bad reputation as well. However, if you do follow through some basic tips, you can mitigate the risks associated with offshore custom software development to obtain better results.


Confidentiality of information: Safeguarding your intellectual property should be your priority when you are talking to an offshore software development company. When you are discussing your project ideas, goal, etc. you have to make sure that this information doesn’t fall in the wrong hand. To mitigate this risk you can ask your preferred software development company to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). An NDA is a legal document that binds two parties in legal to constrain where they can’t share confidential information with 3rd party.


Search for Expertise: It is essential that you look out for professional and experienced service providers who will work tirelessly to meet your professional requirements adhering to industry standards. Look out for offshore software development companies’ previous work and try to find out if in the past, they did work on a similar project or not.


Discuss Contract Details: A transparent business agreement is essential for a successful outsourcing business. You must write clearly in the agreement about your requirements what was agreed upon during the project negotiations- clear the scope, timeline and milestone and ask the offshore custom software development company if they understand everything clearly or not.


Technology Gap: Technology variations can create obstacles. It is vital to guarantee that the hardware and software platforms adopted by offshore teams are fit with the intended platforms on which the ultimate software product will run. As one of the best offshore software development company in India, we go through our client’s existing software and hardware capability to offer the best products and so far we have been able to offer custom software that works in harmony with other existing intended platforms.


End Note:


As  Mark Zuckerberg often says that the greatest risk can anyone take is by not taking any risk at all. In the world of competitiveness, the risk-taking ability can deliver a tremendous source of growth. Considering you took the risk with proper planning, clear business objectives, and communication.


So coming to the question Is it secure to Hire an Offshore Software Development team? Well, definitely it is if you follow through the above tips. If you have a plan and looking for the best outsourcing agencies to discuss with full confidentiality, get in touch with us. Our years of experience in offshore software development will serve you well.

How Sales CRM helps increase revenue?

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Only about 13% of business was using CRM in 2008 and the number has changed to more than 87% today. The acceptance of CRM applications has increased in huge numbers. In 2010 the total business of CRM software was $14 billion which again increases to $80 billion by 2025. Calculate the number and you will find an unprecedented 600% increase! Today more than 90% business with 10 or more employees make use of sales CRM software to boost their revenue and this is very commonly considering the average return on their investment is $8.71 for each dollar spent. Businesses that use CRM software for Sales Management have seen tremendous growth in their selling capacity. They have increased sales by 29%, productivity has increased by 35% and decision making accuracy increased by 42%. (Source: Salesforce). So, CRM is definitely bringing changes in the world of business and if you are considering integrating one to boost your sales, then you are on the right track.


Find Below How CRM Increase Revenue


Higher selling capacity: Sales are the backbone of your business growth and with the integration of sales CRM software development, your sales reps will sell like a pro. Studies have proven that easy data accessibility through sales CRM has shortened sales reps sales cycle by 8 to 14 %. Another study conducted by Nucleus Research found that CRM has increased the productivity of salespeople by 26.4%. With the integration of CRM, your salespeople will do what they are good at, and they will complete their annual target and it is proven fact that 24% more sales reps achieve annual sales quota with the induction of CRM. These numbers have all leads to efficient sailing and business growth.


Balanced Customer Relationships: CRM can turn a prospect into a loyal customer and they drive more sales. CRM software has a built-in feature that analyzes customer data and offers personalized service. A customer today are willing to pay more if they get tailored experience and CRM help to deliver that. In fact, according to Nutshell, more than 45% of CRM users agreed upon the fact that sales CRM software significantly increased their overall customer retention. And the same research group also found that 47% of CRM users have boosted their customer satisfaction significantly.


Lead nurturing: Lead nurturing is essential to drive more revenue. If your lead nurturing methods are efficient enough you will be able to lead maximum prospects successfully through sales funnel. Unfortunately, more than 70% of business owners don’t have any defined lead nurturing process to convert leads into loyal customers. However, CRM software for Sales Management can streamline the lead nurturing process by automating tasks such as email notification, reminder, social media marketing and more.


Prioritize important request: Sales CRM software development is crucial to prioritize customer’s tasks. CRM software can analyze customer interaction in order to understand how critical the situation is. CRM keeps the most important task in the top so customer representative can get in touch with the distressed customer promptly. 2019 is the year of the customer and it will stay this is for prolong time so it’s better to integrate CRM by keeping in mind technologies and trends to 2020.


As you can see, the need for CRM is obvious, if you are not thinking about integrating it now, you are making your competitor’s life easy and losing a lot. If your business has been following a traditional way to sell services or products, it is time you move onto the 21st century with the help of the best sales CRM software development company in India.


How much time will it take to build Custom Software?

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Many businesses are often somewhat surprised at how long it takes to build custom software from start to finish. While business software doesn’t take too much space as a normal PC game does, they still take a great deal of time and to design, develop and launch. We have been serving custom software development for a prolonged time and throughout the years of our service, we faced the question “how much is building this project going to take?” several times.


We’ve worked in both simple and industrial standard software before. And as with any creative undertaking, though, there are a couple of factors that influence the software development time frame. This pot’s purpose is to focus on those factors and the impact they can have on schedules.


Technical wants and realities: The software can do a lot of things. Your imagination is the limitation! Before starting the project, define the goal of your software and clearly let the software development company know what you want. The timeline will depend on how big and complex your project is. Will you need deep analytics? User accounts? Cloud server? Express your software needs to the custom software development company. They will need to know the depth of your needs to figure out how much time they will be needing to solve any problem.


Development stage: The entire development stage depends on 3 elements: the User Interface, Front End and Back End. Once all the planning is done, the designers and developers will dedicate their time and expertise to materialize your ideas. So how long does it take to build the software? Depends upon the complexity of the project, it can take about 2 to 6 months.


The UI part will be taken care of by graphic designers. An aesthetically pleasing software flourishes because users love to use visually appealing software.The Back-end and Front-end are similarly important. The front-end is what a user sees and interacts with and the entire operation relies on the back-end codes. The back-end connects the UI elements in the system and allows the proper functioning of the software. So is there any way to get the software by sacrificing one of these elements to fast track the process? Well, NO.

Testing: After done with the development and designing phase, it’s time for the test. This phase is crucial to produce a flawless product and takes around 4 weeks. At this time, bugs and security vulnerabilities get sorted out before the final launch. There are many ways to test software. We, at CRIMS, have our own dedicated team for testing software to offer flawless experience. After testing and quality assurance are done, you can launch the software and change things according to feedback provided by the users.



CRIMS  is a custom software development company with years of expertise in building dedicated business apps. Working with us brings the benefits of upscaling the size of the software at any given time. Our developer and designers always work in sync to minimize the overall software development time. Additionally, our team tries hard to break the software during the development process to reduce as many flaws as possible ahead of its scheduled release date.

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