Why and How to Manage Risks in Software Development

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The world of software development is changing at a rapid speed. Because of these and other accountable reasons, the software development process is filled with volatility and uncertainty. And this is recognized as “project risk”. The success of software development heavily depends on the number of risks it has. And this is the reason you must run a risk management process to achieve a great outcome.


What Is Risk Management in Software Development?


As a Lead management software development company, we would say; risk management implies risk containment and reduction. In the beginning, you’ve got to recognize and plan. Then be ready to work when a risk occurs, drawing upon the expertise and understanding of the entire team to reduce the impact of the project.


The process of risk management may include the following jobs:


1) Recognize risks and their triggers

2) List and prioritize every known risk

3) Analysis of risk triggers throughout the project

4) Make a plan that connects every risk to a mitigation

5) Execute the mitigating activity if any risk materializes

6) Report risk situation throughout the software development project


As a lead management system software development company, we have previously faced many situations that involved risks. Yes, professionals also go through the risky development process. However, since we have been doing this for a long time, we know what we should do to reduce the problems. You may find below solutions useful to Manage Risks:


Acceptance: First of all, as an entrepreneur, you have to comprehend the fact that you have a risk in the project. And you have to recognize that the risk is impacting adversely.


Avoid: Adjust project scope, schedule, or restrictions to reduce the consequences of the risk.


Control: Take immediate and notable action to reduce the impact or minimize the intensification of the risk.


Transfer: If you know the details of risk, it is time you consolidate with the subject expert and move the job to a responsible person who can take care of this. The person must be accountable to solve the issue.


Continue Monitoring: Once you transfer the risk to a concern person the job doesn’t end here. You have to stay involved until the problem gets solved. So, keep up the communications and ask for a status report and challenge details.


Risk management is not an easy job. It requires extreme discipline and the right tool to do the job. To achieve a successful outcome, project leadership must identify, assess, prioritize, and manage all of the major risks and must stay focused on the goal. As a Lead management software development company we know how hard it is to mitigate any risks. However, if you think it is too much work and if you don’t know how to choose the best LMS software, then give the chance of the custom software development process to a specialist who has a proven track record of offering solutions to the enterprise within the deadline.

The Right Tool Makes Order Management Easy

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If you believe your order management process is complicated, slow, messy and not productive, we believe you have the wrong tool!


Recently we came up with a unique problem. The challenges were: The client did build an exceptional tool which was drawing good numbers of leads and the orders were coming through in huge number. You might be thinking, then what’s the problem! Right? Well, the problem was the particular software wasn’t capable enough to handle the growing demand. So in the end, the client was losing a lot of opportunities left and right.


Now, the client was willing to have a system that can take care of each deal from beginning to its very end.


At CRIMS, we took this opportunity to benchmark our years of expertise in custom CRM and ERP software development. We took responsibility and begun working on the custom business management solutions that will fulfil the client’s needs.


We began the wireframing process by understanding the customer’s goal. Yes, the previous tool was okay, but it wasn’t efficient. This is the reason we designed the tool to work effectively and efficiently for each aspect of the business.  To offer most business efficiency, we wanted to automate a few business processes. But to do so, we had to sit with the client’s sales, accounts, and delivery team. We wanted to learn how they operate so we could build a perfect sales CRM software by adhering to their work culture and process.


During our study, we find out that, our client encountered many problems because they were using off the shelf product and they don’t know that a custom CRM is way better than the ready-made solution. Anyways, the current tool was quite complicated to use and bloated with the features they didn’t need. Most employees were trying to figure out how everything works and how to operate them. This was the main reason for the delay, dissatisfaction and lack of adoption. They were doing data entry most of the time and the existing tool wasn’t able to offer 360-degree business insight in easy to read manner.


In this instance, we came up with the idea of equipping the sales team with a simple tool that can take care of the entire customer management process and a tool to take care of Order Management. Once the sales team was able to pass on the right data to the Fulfilment department. Everything started to come into place. Now, the Fulfilment department knows exactly what they require to get orders out quickly and efficiently. Then the data automatically going to the finance department to generate the invoice. The entire process is now simple, efficient and accurate.


You see, no matter how big a problem you may have, it can be solved through the right tool. Our client now happy and keeping up with the demand. So, if you are working with a tool that is making your life difficult, ask yourself: is it the right tool to do the job? If the answer is ” No”, it might be the best time when you get in touch with the best Sales CRM Software Solutions Company.


As a custom software development company, we have helped many of our clients to boost their business with the right tool. And we can surely do that again for you. Contact us and share your concern.

How to Improve a Ready CRM Solution

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CRM software boosts business efficiency, productivity, sales, and more. There’s no doubt that every business would love to achieve this with the help of these exceptional tools. However, for an MSME, investing in large scale CRM such as Microsoft dynamic, Salesforce CRM can be a huge investment. This blog post will help to understand why MSME owners should buy a ready CRM tool and how to extend its features.


What’s a Ready CRM?


Ready CRM is nothing but an overly simplified CRM tool developed by CRM software development company. Most of the time, these tools don’t cost anything. The goal is here to give MSMEs a chance to extend overall business capabilities.


How to Improve a Ready CRM Solution?


Ready CRM comes with basic features and at some point with growing demand, you have to extend its capabilities. Today, we will go through some features that will extend the capabilities of your ready CRM. So, let’s get started!


Email Integration: An email is still the most professional way of making the communication. However, ready CRM doesn’t give much flexibility to send multiple emails every day. This sharing of information among the team can be a really difficult job. To keep everyone on the same page, consider emailing integration at the beginning.


File-Sharing: File sharing among different departments/ employees is a common job that happens within an organization daily. Now, if you are using a ready CRM, you have two options. One is to buy a subscription of Google Drive, Mega Sync, or OneDrive. Or you can save all data into the server where your free CRM is hosted. The later is the most affordable and efficient approach.


Shared Calendar: Ready CRM does allow us to add a new reminder and important event in the calendar. However, it doesn’t share the same with other members or it doesn’t remind the owner of the account either. To improve this situation, get CRM software development solution provider and integrate third-party calendars into your CRM.


3rd party plugin: At this point, you have realized that your ready CRM must play well with third-party integration. If the ready CRM doesn’t integrate 3rd party tool, you won’t be able to extend its feature. So, while choosing the CRM, make sure to read reviews or ask the vendor about the 3rd party plugin integration.


In the end, to Improve a Ready CRM Solution, you have to be careful in your CRM selection process. Or else you can build a small-sized custom CRM software from a software development company for better flexibility and tailored features. If you are going to enhance a CRM anyways, why not start it from the beginning? Get in touch with the best custom software development company in Delhi today to get a quote.

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