Why You Should need Custom Software Development?

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Efficiency, productivity, goes hand in hand with businesses’ profitability. The tool which can deliver exceptional flexibility and performance can make the difference between a successful and losing business. Thus, maximizing efficiency and employee productivity must be the primary concern of any organization. To achieve this efficiency and productivity, modern-day businesses make use of CRM. However, for many businesses, a generic CRM doesn’t offer everything and to achieve maximum revenue they tend to go for custom software development.


Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Software


Off the shelf, applications are very basic in general. It does come with many features, but most of them are useless to your needs because every business is unique, right? Most of the time off the shelf software isn’t capable to offer to personalize specific business needs.


Using multiple software to do different business tasks?

Are you juggling between software to do multiple jobs like one for customer data, one for accounts, one for shipping? Custom CRM software solutions can efficiently do all of these and more in a simple and user-friendly single dashboard!


You’re tracking and analyzing information traditionally?

Your employees using a spreadsheet to keep track of the business data and losing precious productive time? Yes, keeping track of sales reports, client needs, etc. is not an easy job. But these can be done efficiently if you dare to move past from the traditional way of recording business data. A custom CRM software is a centralized platform that stores every single data easily later to be analysed by business administrators.


Making errors in repetitive tasks?

In a business payroll, invoicing, inventory management generally happens every single day. However, if you think since these jobs are repetitive and there is no chance of mistake, then we are sorry to disappoint you! An extra keyboard button press or a transposed number can be the reason for many sleepless nights. A custom CRM software solution can do this job easily, by maintaining high error-free accuracy and everything is done automatically.


Unable to scale your software?

You own a business and it will grow with time. That means the number of employees, inventory, product/ services, the customer will grow eventually. And if you happen to use an off the shelf software you will face a tremendous amount of difficulties to scale up your existing software which matches the growing needs. On the other hand, if you have a custom CRM software, you can do that without any hiccup, just a call to a Custom CRM Software Development Solutions provider, and you are done!


Do you have multiple business locations?

If your business has a different location it would be difficult to keep the updated data from different locations. Now, this is a major problem for a business administrator and sharing data email or via text can largely cause inaccurate information. A custom CRM can automatically collect every piece of data from multiple locations and present it in a unified dashboard. This helps administrators to keep a sharp eye on everything happening in other business locations, without needing to leave their office!


So Why You Should need a Custom Software Development? Well, the reason can be summarized as, to reduce human error, to maximize productivity, increase business efficiency, to check on different business locations, to scale up your business and more. So interested in making your custom CRM software? Worrying about the cost? Don’t be so, by reading this blog, you can make a rough budget to develop custom CRM software solutions. However, if you need a more personalized answer, get in touch with us now.

Cloud based Call center software

custom CRM software development company delhi India

Cloud technology is growing you can find they are trespassing into your life and business through almost every aspect. According to studies, more than 35% of contact centers are ready to allocate a separate budget to move their process into the cloud. Despite massive outreach and success, there are few businesses left who are not ready to move their work into the cloud. Despite the negligence, cloud software does bring a lot of features to help the business grow. If you are still in doubt, let’s run through 4 huge reasons why cloud-based software is necessary for your business.


Efficient to deploy: Cloud-based Customer service software is really efficient to deploy, with zero to no risk at all. Traditional call centers used to rely upon costly infrastructure, technology and it used to take quite a lot to set up the place. Cloud-based systems are more efficient, you can start working on a new location within a few minutes, which reduces downtime and improve customer satisfaction.


Easy Team management: Remote teams of call center operators in various time zones can considerably improve the customer experience, and decrease operational expenses. Cloud-based services have grown crucial to offshore call center infrastructure, enabling remote users to receive routed calls and connect to your business’ network from anywhere and at any time to offer best after-sales services.


Easy Scale-up: Once your new cloud-based call center is ready to use, you will now have the possibility to scale the software as per your needs. Adding more employees and updating new data can be done with a few clicks effortlessly. This allows you to react quickly following the changing business requirements, whether it be seasonal swings or accidental incidents.


Integrations: Call centers generally depend on various software applications, yet blending these solutions can be trouble with the traditional call center software. Cloud-based Call center software companies such as CRIMS provide single-click integrations with many top business tools. This generates a more reliable employee experience by decreasing human errors. Additionally, administrators now have access to information from various systems in a centralized location, which strengthens their ability to make data-driven decisions.


The cloud is a fast-evolving technology and numerous businesses are leaping considering it solely because it offers unparal advantages over traditional methods. When leaping yourself, look for cloud-based call center software made by a professional Software development company that can simplify complicated systems, enhance both your employees and client experience, and assist with the bottom line. Interested in CRM tech? Get more information here.

Do You Need an Industry-specific CRM?


Every business has its own unique need and does follow a unique business process. This is the reason one enterprise software is different than others. For example, CRM software development for eCommerce which is meant to serve the online marketplace can’t support the manufacturing industry.


Why use an Industry-Specific CRM

I think at this point, you have realized that there are many CRM software out there to choose from and which increases the chance of confusion in picking the right one. However, picking up the right CRM is crucial for business success. Why? Because, as we said earlier that every business has unique needs driven by customer and industry needs, demand for personalized CRM has increased because of the unique advantages they offer.


What is an industry-specific CRM?

An industry-specific CRM is often recognized as vertical CRM as they are focused on a particular vertical marketing niche. They are built to serve only a single industry. Vertical CRMs have inbuilt features that can answer common industry workflows and processes, like automotive dealer management process, real estate licensing management, etc. For highly regulated businesses, vertical CRMs often come in with built-in functions in place to ensure industry laws are being met.


We talked about the vertical, so now let’s dive into horizontal CRM. Never heard of this? Well, even if you didn’t, they are very common in the market. They are more spread out throughout the market. trade CRM software development company can build them as per your needs. From bare minimum to a complex and fully customizable state of the art business platform.


Who are industry-specific CRMs for?

A vertical CRM comes in with built-in features and required information about the industry is going to serve. Since they come with the inbuilt required feature, users can start their daily work right away. If you are a part of the heavily regulated business environment, industry-specific CRMs can help you to guarantee you adhere to the regulations.


Which industries have their own CRMs?

Automotive: Desking tools (customer finance) plus dealership management in a single comprehensive platform


Real Estate & Mortgage: This tool keeps a record of customer engagement details and document management features along with high volume lead generation.


Insurance: This vertical CRM comes with E-applications and e-policy accessories to improve agent productivity


Construction: Ideal for the construction project, making a business proposal, and this tool also can work on maintaining order.


Hospitality: As you have already guessed, this tool helps to maintain the balance of the hospital’s chaotic environment. Essential document management to making a proposal, everything can be done through this tool.


Startups: This is highly scalable and right for the businesses who are thinking of entering the market for the first time. It is affordable, but do come with essential tools that are essential to delivering business growth.


General B2B: A business needs to manage its account efficiently and efficient is not synonymous with a spreadsheet! A trade CRM software development company can develop a CRM which can manage B2B business contact efficiently and securely as you would expect!


General B2C: This tool helps to manage leads and take note customer engagement, keep an eye on sales channels and more. If you have been searching for CRM software for eCommerce, this might be the one which will fit your needs.


The answer depends on you. As you can see that there are plenty of options out there to choose from and if you are happy with the one available in the market then, no you don’t need a specific CRM. However, if your business requirement is unique and want most benefit out of your CRM, a personalized and industry-specific CRM is a must.

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