Top 3 Valuable Ways to Increase Sales Cycle Speed

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Do you know more than 60% of businesses fail even though their products and services are above industry standard? Do you know business fails even when they offer jaw-dropping deals? But, why? Well, the reason is that they forget the most important aspect of the business, which is ” Time is money”. No matter how superior your product or deal is, if your prospects are clogged in the sales pipeline, you won’t get anything in return.


This is the reason many futuristic entrepreneurs concentrate on improving the sales cycle. They run deep analyse to find any problems and fix them on a priority basis. Their very survival depends on these proactive measures. In this blog, we will show you how you can boost your sales cycle with the help of Sales CRM Software in 5 proven steps.


Qualified Leads: Do you know who is your ideal prospects? If not, you must recognize them faster. Acquiring the right customer effortlessly and quickly is not an easy task. If your sales reps follow every prospect blindly, you won’t get your desired result. Instead, they have to find out the most qualified leads who are willing to move through the sales funnel right away. but, how would you know who is sales-ready? Well, have you heard about lead management system software?


Pricing: Be transparent about your pricing. Sometimes many prospects get stuck into the sales cycle without even realizing what’s going to cost them. So, if you really want to sell to the maximum number of leads, make sure you have shared the pricing already. This will ensure reduced numbers of prospects dropping off from the funnel. And if you want to know what could be the most attractive price that will draw leads, make use of the sales CRM software.


Resolve any issues: Your prospects can have a lot of queries and for that reason, they might not take any further steps. So, in order to speed up the sales cycle, your sales reps must answer those queries fast. Once they have their queries resolved, they can be moved for further process. If you are unable to track the sales and queries asked by the prospects, take help from a CRM Software development company. They can develop an integrated custom CRM software that can move prospects automatically according to their query priorities.


By Increasing Sales Cycle Speed a business can gain a lot. However, there are so many disadvantages of not use sales CRM software in your sales team and if you are doing it manually, then your business has more to lose than gaining anything. In order to get the most out of your business, you must make use of the sales CRM software. The reasons are clearly stated here. So are you ready to increase sales?

CRM Pricing: Top 3 Factors to Consider in 2020

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The market is full of CRM vendor companies. And this is the reason for identifying the universal cost of CRM is difficult. This gets even worse because many CRM vendors even charge hidden costs. Last year, the researcher found that the CRM industry received more than $60 billion. While it is clear that the entrepreneurs are willing to spend, but investing in off the shelf CRM is not an ideal approach.


Fortunately, there are many options available which work and don’t cost you a fortune. Here are some of the important aspects you have to take into account so that you don’t make any mistakes while choosing CRM software.


Pay as you grow: Opting for top CRM vendors won’t always help you. If you have started the contract with top 5 CRM development company, you will lose a lot. Why? Well, their solution is made for the big conglomerate, not for MSMEs. The best way to do this is by taking help from someone whose CRM is flexible and modular. No matter how small or big your business is, it can serve your own purpose and needs. And beside this, once your business starts to grow, you have the option to scale up as well.


Integration cost: CRM software must integrate properly with your existing business software. However, it’s a really hard job, especially if you bought an off the shelf solution. Some CRM development company can even charge extra to fine-tune your recently bought CRM. So, when you are considering an off the shelf or custom CRM software solution, make sure to talk clearly to the custom software development service about integration.


Support cost: Everything comes at a price, right? So does your constant call for support to the software development service provider. Many custom software companies charge hourly for their support and many charge it periodically. And if you want to skip it, then you will lose a lot of human hours and resources. Because when you introduce a new system in the business, things are prone to break down. One important aspect to remember that many custom software development service company does offer first 6-month free support.


CRM pricing depends on your approach. There are a lot of off the shelf options available to pick, however, if you want to reap the most out of it, consider a custom CRM software. This software is packed with benefits at an exceptional price. Interested to know more? Get in touch with the best CRM software development companies in Delhi.

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Switch Using a Legacy CRM

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Legacy CRM is a tool that meant to serve sales reps. Remember, it’s meant” but it doesn’t serve its purpose!  The Reason?  Well, it’s a system that doesn’t play well with other existing software. And, after hours of hard work, your sales reps have to do a manual data entry job again! But there’s more than this and in this blog, we are going to share those thoughts with us. And, in the end, hopefully, you would realize why you must switch from a legacy CRM now.


Bloated feature: Having a lot of features is not a bad thing. However, if you are not going to use it, what’s the point, right? A legacy CRM comes with a bloated feature that drains a lot of resources and money. And this is the reason you should go for custom CRM software. You pay only what you are going to use and need.


Saves time: The problem with legacy CRM is, there are a lot of learning curves. People have to spend hours and more to learn every single thing. The navigation, features are not tailored to meet your needs. A custom CRM Software development company can build a tool that comes with easy accessibility and navigation. Thus, it saves the most precious resource of your business, “time”.


Scale-up: Your business will grow, and with that, you have to extend your CRMs’ capability. If you have a legacy CRM, you won’t be able to scale up your CRM easily, but having a custom CRM Software tool will help you do that very easily.


Easy integration: You have much existing software right? If it doesn’t play well with your CRM, then it’s a loss of resources and sales reps have to do manual data entry. A Custom CRM Software, on the other hand, integrates easily with your existing software. Every single information coming through the 3rd party apps gets easily synced in the CRM.


There is more reason to switch from legacy to custom CRM. A Custom CRM Software comes with a lot of benefits and it serves only your purpose. Legacy CRM is not a workable solution for modern-day business. Think beyond off-the-shelf, think Custom CRM Software.

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