Which is the best CRM for offline sales?

custom CRM software development company delhi India

A business to become successful, must not fully rely on the online application. Active internet connection depends on many things, if one of them gets out of line, then the connectivity will lose and with that,  a business can face a lot of problems. To overcome this situation a hybrid CRM can help. A hybrid CRM is the one which can be used in both online and offline. CRIMS offers one of the best sales CRM software tools that you can have which offers all the functionality accessible while the data connection is offline. Once, the internet connection established, all the data will be synced across the system.


Do more even if you are not connected

  • The work you and your employees have done is 100% protected. Our CRM software for Sales Management can save everything and once you are connected, your data will be shared across the board.


  • We are an experienced CRM software development company and we know data sharing is crucial for your business. We develop a centralized database for seamless data sharing process. Use your authentication from any device and you are good!


  • Worried about data loss? Worried about data mismatch? Our software Development team walks the extra mile to ensure our CRM keeps everything in place without missing anything or overwriting any data.


Smart Automatic Synchronization

Our CRM values productivity. Our software development team has built something great which doesn’t need human interaction to upload the data to the centralized server. If you are working and editing in multiple files the updated data will be uploaded automatically. You don’t have to go through fancy options. While you are connected, our CRM always checks for any changes, and if there is any, it will be synced in real-time.


Data Security

We take data security very seriously. We make use of state of the art encryption process to secure your CRM software and the data packets it’s sent. With us, your CRM software for Sales Management is secure and you can live a life without worrying about the data breach.


CRM software for Sales Management software is essential for your business growth it should be there, available for the users. And our custom CRM software just does that fine. Our CRM can work offline, boost efficiency, offers data security and equipped with automatic sync features. All of these are available at a very low cost. SO what are you waiting for?

What Does CRM Do?

custom CRM software development company delhi India

What is CRM?

Let’s begin with the abbreviation  CRM stands for “customer relationship management”. It is a dedicated piece of software that focuses on how you engage with your prospects. However, there’s more to it than simply boosting customer interaction. A custom CRM software can increase business productivity, analyse market trends, reduce business expenses, boost ROI and much more.


What can it do for your business?

A custom CRM software made by a professional CRM software development company can save an enormous amount of time, resources. Though custom CRM software might cost you a bit more, it does come with a lot of benefits. And, if you do utilize the tool properly, you will get the reward very fast. The more vital benefits include:


  • CRM improves the relationship with your target customer and it steadily keeps a positive relationship with your existing customers to boost sales. When you invest $1 in a CRM, you can expect to get a return of at least $5.


  • More than 65% of customers want a personalized experience. CRM can analyse your prospect’s needs & demands to deliver tailor-made experience. This helps to improve better customer relationship which later translates into more sales.


  • CRM software nurture leads for convenient cross-selling of products and services. Studies have proven that leads that are nurtured by a custom CRM software built by a professional software development company, can convert 47% of the time. In comparison, 79% of leads pursued without a CRM never convert.


  • Establishing a more efficient marketing message is the goal of every business owner. With CRM, communicating with your audience is made more specific. Without CRM software in place, more than 75% of all marketing leads are never converted to sales.


  • Innovation is now more personalized since your business is equipped with a clear-cut view of what your audience looking for and not what you thought they want!


  • Because you know the answer to your prospect’s needs and demands, you can offer personalized product and services which your prospects will love. So, you can be assured of customer loyalty and more customer acquisitions and more profit.


CRM built by experiences CRM software development company offers a good and effective communication channel and method to boost customer engagement and business efficiency. If you are thinking about expanding your business, acquiring a custom CRM software is the smartest choice. Need help to understand more about CRM? Well, we are here to help. Contact us with your CRM queries now.


Reasons why you should build a custom CRM system.

crm software development company

Custom CRM software solutions are not your average CRM. A custom CRM software is designed and developed to meet you or your business’ specific needs. This software is built by the expert custom software development company so one can guarantee effectiveness and business efficiency. And this is the reason business owners are nowadays leaning towards developing their own personalized CRM solution, rather depending on the shelf software which is being used by the competitors.


Custom software  vs  off-the-shelf software


  • Custom CRM software is created to match the specific demands of an organization. So, it is ideally tailored to the requirements of a business and works accordingly. However, a generic off the shelf software is extremely complex and may need a lot of time to master the features. It has numerous features that you will not use at all, but you will pay for them!


  • As we said earlier many times now, custom CRM software is built for your specific needs. So it can solve existing issues easily and has the potential to adapt to future needs as well. Off the shelf software, on the other hand, is not meant for your particular problem and if you have any unique one, you can’t solve it through.


  • According to market studies, more than 15% of businesses find difficulty in integrating the existing software with off the shelf CRM solutions. Custom CRM software solutions can efficiently integrate with existing systems and present a fully integrated IT infrastructure. If you obtain off the shelf software, your business has no power over the development and thus cannot make any modifications to the software, even if it seems the need to do so.


  • In case your employees face any difficulties, you can directly contact the custom software development company and get the issue fixed quickly. It saves valuable time and resources. If a user faces some problems with off the shelf CRM, then the concerns may take a long time before the organization solves the issue.


  • The market is becoming more aggressive and tech-savvy. To stay ahead in the League, you have to use a modular system that can be changed or tweaked according to your business needs. And a custom CRM software is perfect for this. Because you can personalize this software at any given time. according to your needs. On the other hand, a generic CRM software won’t give you the flexibility to add more features to your own preference.


  • Yes, during the development phase you will be spending more than acquiring an off the shelf solution. However, generic CRM owners normally charge the business on a total user basis and they charge every month. So, you will be paying as long as you use the software, which will translate into more money!


  • Need to scale up your business software? Well, with a custom CRM software, you can do that anytime. It’s your software and does whatever you want! We wish we could have said the same for an off the shelf CRM!


  • A business can gain an edge over the competition by using Custom Software as the opponents are not using the same software.


As you can see, custom CRM software offers you a competitive edge and higher revenues. Moreover, it is easier to use. At the same time, it involves a little bit higher investment in terms of money and time, but we think you won’t regret it at all. Before you acquire a CRM though, you must understand the perfect way to select a CRM. If you do not know how, well, we have covered that here.


CRIMS uses advanced technologies to offer innovative solutions and help customers to meet their business goals cost-effectively. So what are you waiting for? Get your own CRM today. Get in touch with a CRM specialist now!

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