Offshore Software Development Pricing Facts

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Offshore Software development has been growing since its inception. From MSMEs to large scale conglomerates, sending their software development jobs for various benefits they offer. If you have been thinking of sending your software development requirement outside of your country, then you will love some of the exemplary facts about this process.


Let’s have a look at some jaw-dropping offshore software development facts & figures-

1. According to Statistica, global spending on IT software outsourcing has been growing at a significant speed. In fact, it was estimated that the spending will surpass more than $1,034 billion by the end of 2019. It is 2020 and we can see the estimation was absolutely right.


2. In 2016, Trump proposed a reduction of job outsourcing besides building the northern border wall! As a result, from the last 3+ years, entrepreneurs from the US have been struggling to find the right talent at a convenient price.


3. After Brexit, the situation of the UK’s tech industry is not running smoothly as well. According to a report published by Robert Walters, Totaljobs and other job-related domains indicate that the UK is facing a very challenging situation to recruit fresh tech talents.


4. According to TechCrunch, an online publication of the US, a software engineer in the country gets paid up to $250 / hour, on the other hand, the offshore software development process can reduce the cost to as low as $20!


So, as an entrepreneur, would you like to spend USD 250/ hour or USD 20, to do the same job? If you are serious about your business growth and want to dominate your business competition the answer is quite simple. Isn’t it?


Still in doubt about offshore software development? Maybe the below benefits might change your mind!


Cost-Effective: Outsourcing lets businesses get various types of jobs done at a lower cost. This also enables businesses to make use of the extra capital to invest elsewhere within a company.


Focus on Core Business: Offshore software development enables a business to concentrate its attention on essential processes and allows the businesses to set priorities for its services and products.


Hire talented resources: Offshore software development gives a business the opportunity to find the best-skilled experts by eliminating the need to recruit and train new employees within the company. This saves a lot of resources and capital.


There is more benefit of offshore development than the above list. But, we believe you have got our point! So are you ready to hire an offshore software development company? Don’t make a decision so quickly! There’s a learning curve if you are doing this for the first time.


Easy steps to hire the best offshore software development company

  • 1. Give small tasks before signing the full contract.
  • 2. Check prior clients’ work and are they still with them?
  • 3. Set a working time zone to communicate more efficiently
  • 4. Ask if there’s hidden charge or charge for extra technical support.
  • 5. Define your project’s scope and schedule precisely while you are talking with the offshore software development company.
  • 6. Hourly rates highly depend on the origin of the host country. If you want the best talent, great English and low cost, contact with an offshore software development company in India.
  • 7. Spend time in developing relationships and understand the offshore development teams’ passion and forte.


Outsourcing software development jobs, especially in countries like India, serve a greater purpose than merely saving some bucks. The advantages of hiring an offshore software development company in India are many and you can get brief about it. If China is the worlds’ manufacturer hub, then it won’t be wrong if we mark India as the hub of the worlds’ leading offshore software development service provider. So are you ready to reap benefits out of offshore software development service? Take home the offshore advantage with CRIMS – your ideal outsourcing partner!

The Economic Impact of AI on CRM and Why You Need To Care

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AI or Artificial intelligence has been affecting our day to day life. It has become such a common theme that we barely notice it’s even there. Now, this technology is changing the way people do business. AI is designed to take care of extra burden and labour-intensive jobs, for example, data entry. However, the most benefactor of AI technology is people who use CRM software daily.


The CRM business has evolved since its inception. And today, it’s an industry of billions and playing a major role in the global economy. Entrepreneurs are now inclining towards CRM software development solutions rather depending on paper or spreadsheet for obvious benefits. This growing adoption AI integrated CRM will have a significant economic impact, and it could influence your business.


Here’s what you want to know regarding the situation.


How AI Is Being Used in CRM

Before the advent of AI, the chatbot was a limited program. They were meant to greet users and that was it. However, things have changed since. And, modern-day chatbots can answer FAQ and simple queries. If the question gets out of hand, they can simply redirect the user to a real person as well.


AI can also work as your marketing manager. Today, many software development companies are getting requests from numerous clients for developing social CRM software. These software tracks users and collects their data and makes a report about what they like and what they need. Once marketers know what their prospects want, the work of sales reps becomes quite easy! AI also lets help business to keep a continuous engagement with new and existing customers. They can send personalized emails, SMS that boosts your businesses’ credibility.


AI-powered CRM comes with state of the art algorithm to understand a customer. By looking at the interaction record they can predict if the prospect interested to buy or not. Once they understand the intent of a prospect, they assign a score. And based on this score, sales reps can spend time with a person who is likely to buy. This helps to reduce a lot of effort and resources. And of course, it eliminates the “Guess Work”.


Adoption of AI

Some businesses have already adopted AI-infused CRM and growing at an exponential speed. Others are planning to adopt it in the upcoming future. According to studies done by independent researchers, 40% of businesses are looking forward to adopting AI integrated CRM. That means the CRM market will keep continuing to grow at a much higher rate in the future than today.


Economic Impact of AI on CRM

A CRM, integrated with AI is predicted to boost global revenue by more than USD 1 trillion by 2021. Most of the profit will come as increased productivity and a reduction in labour costs. Most of the businesses are planning to introduce AI integrated CRM infused with machine learning, VRP, test analysis, and numerical analysis features.


People who are scared of AI taking humans’ jobs can chill out for a bit! Because according to studies the new increased revenue will help businesses to employ more people than jobs lost to automation from AI.


The bottom line

AI-infused CRM has numerous benefits that drive results and prove to be a great business companion. Hence, the attraction towards it is understandable by visionary entrepreneurs. So, do you consider yourself a visionary entrepreneur? If your answer is yes, then you might be looking for custom CRM software in the market. If your search isn’t over yet, give CRIMS a chance. We are a prominent custom software development company in Delhi; experiences in developing state of the art AI integrated custom CRM software at a reasonable cost that guarantees results.

Essential Metrics to Track in Your CRM System

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There is absolutely no lack of things to measure in the world of CRM or customer relationship management. With advanced CRM systems balancing multiple fields, methods, and channels, it’s a number-crunching nightmare. And navigating through this chaos is an ambiguous job. But if you can do it properly, you will taste the success and grow at an exponential speed. So how to use them right to boost your business activity anyway? What are the primary customer relationship management metrics to measure? Let’s have a look at the most important metrics you can collect using your CRM system.


Sales Calls: If a sales call is a major part of your business, the volume of calls each representative attend must be measured. Each caller must recognize how many calls they are making and how they are continuously increasing the numbers. With these metrics, you zero in finding out an average daily call count. Start analysing the most effective time to call and identify the success trends. This will enable you to measure the productivity increases from integrating a CRM system and allow you to better recognize what requires to be tweaked in your sales process.


Conversion rate metric: This metric is easy to understand. Here you can dive deeper to recognize the number leads got converted to the customer and the number of deals closed within your average sales cycle. This number is crucial to predict your future revenue or customer stream. For instance, take the number of reps multiplied by average leads worked per month multiplied by the average conversion price from last quarter to project numbers for the next quarter.


Lead response metric: How fast are your reps replying to inbound leads? The longer it takes your reps to reply, the bigger the risks of that opportunity being slipped away. Hence, you must take a careful look at lead response time. Although many business owners underestimate or overlook these metrics, those who do take this seriously are more likely to score higher turnover. In fact, according to studies, if sales reps get in touch with the inbound lead within an hour, you can expect 7 times more likely to qualify the lead successfully!


Lead tracking metric: Tracking down monthly new/ organic lead can be the benchmark for your marketing effort. A professional CRM development company can integrate features to track down every new lead that comes towards your business and can easily track the source as well. For instance, if the matrices are told that most of the new leads coming from Twitter instead of Facebook, then you have to take the decision regarding your future marketing endeavour. This not only reduces the marketing expenses but helps to allocate resources in a more effective manner.


Remember, tracking the above CRM metrics will assist you to recognize the reason of any spikes and falls in your business revenue, so you can replicate whatever your team is doing right and correct any obstacles that are blocking your success.


Considering custom CRM software for your business? Want to know why it could bring you better results and return than off the shelf solution? Here, have a look at this post.

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