Unique Ways to Increase Customer Retention and Profits!

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Many organizations are using after-sales software development to boost their marketing and sales efforts. A custom sales CRM software help to collect, track, analyse and manage precious client information throughout every department. While CRM helps in many ways to boost business ROI, but the most noteworthy is that it helps to boost Customer Retention. Find below 3 ways that CRM can help increase Customer Retention.


Customer Satisfaction: Keeping your customers happy, clearly the most effective and obvious reasons to ensure customers are not leaving. By paying close attention to your customers, you will be able to personalize service and products according to them. This can be done easily by sales CRM software. This software can do sales tracking customer engagement, purchasing patterns, product usage, and service calls. With this information, you can recognize the reasons for customer’s dissatisfaction. And once you know the reason, you can take immediate action to resolve the issue. The customer will know you are working for his/ her wellbeing and will be happy to stick with you.


Targeted marketing: Data is more valuable than gold now these days. And sales CRM software do collect a lot of information about customers. From the customer’s age, location to purchasing pattern, a CRM can keep a record of everything. And this particular information helps to build appealing and relevant marketing content that has a promising return. People will love your curated and personalized ads. In fact, market researchers say more than 70% of users expect personalized promotional material rather than not having any.


Offer incentives: You may want to serve every client in the same way. It’s a noble thought, but you can’t do that. Every business has few customers who are loyal and spends a lot. You have to find who they are for your business. Now, if you want to use a spreadsheet to find out your prized customer, there is a chance things can go south. With the help after-sales CRM solutions, you can find out who is your most valuable customer without much effort. When it comes to CRM vs. spreadsheet, CRM is always a winner. Use this information and offer them an incentive for being such a valuable part of your business. This way you are placing your valuable resources where they have the greatest possibility for return.


Customer retention is all about giving reasons to a customer so they stick with you. When you do this in the right way, the customer will not look for other options. Successful entrepreneurs understand the value of customer retention. They know that customers are the backbone of their business. And this is the reason they are investing in after-sales software development services. Remember, the more clients you retain, the higher your profits will be!


Lead Management Software Checklist 2020

Lead Management Software Development

You have been reading about LMS software for a while now. To understand the way it helps a business to grow. Thus, you wanted to try it by yourself. That’s great. But, be cautious here. The world of LMS or lead management software is filled with countless options. If you do not choose the right one, you will end up having nothing. Are you scared? You should be! Making a decision to obtain the best LMS software is hard. But, fortunately, we can be at your assistance.


The design: UI and UX play a crucial role to determine your LMS or lead management software’s success. If the design is not modern and navigation is not intuitive, people won’t accept the software. If your employees aren’t using this tool, then what’s the point of investment? So, when you select the lead management software, ask for a demo and take short training. Invite your employees to use and get feedback. Take note of everything and show it to the Lead management software development solutions and ask what they can do it to improve the experience.


Personalized: Your business is unique and your lead management software must adhere to that principle. Generally off the shelf solutions do come with the bloated and unnecessary feature. These bloated features you may not ever use. But you are paying for them! If you want to reduce the cost and want only features that you need, get in touch with the Lead management software Development Company and you will get an exceptional product at an amazing cost. Tailored to serve only you.


Analytics: Analytics is something a modern business needs to become successful. Yes, generally lead management software does offer analytics. However, most of the time it is messy and unreadable. When you are out for LMS to make sure the tool offers insight graphically. Or else, you would have to search a lot of things for a simple answer.


Integration: Idle LM Software must integrate with other existing business software. You might think it’s a basic function, not even a feature, however, our experiences tell a different story. Many entrepreneurs suffer from the integration process since their lead management software doesn’t play well with other software. When you are searching for good lead management software, make sure it integrates well with your current system and tools.


In the end, we would like to say that, if you want to buy a ready-made solution, you won’t get the most out of your Lead management software. And you won’t get what we have discussed above. So what are the solutions? Well, the solution is a custom software development and once you recognized the importance of custom lead management software, you will need more help to build one.

Why and How to Manage Risks in Software Development

Lead management software development company

The world of software development is changing at a rapid speed. Because of these and other accountable reasons, the software development process is filled with volatility and uncertainty. And this is recognized as “project risk”. The success of software development heavily depends on the number of risks it has. And this is the reason you must run a risk management process to achieve a great outcome.


What Is Risk Management in Software Development?


As a Lead management software development company, we would say; risk management implies risk containment and reduction. In the beginning, you’ve got to recognize and plan. Then be ready to work when a risk occurs, drawing upon the expertise and understanding of the entire team to reduce the impact of the project.


The process of risk management may include the following jobs:


1) Recognize risks and their triggers

2) List and prioritize every known risk

3) Analysis of risk triggers throughout the project

4) Make a plan that connects every risk to a mitigation

5) Execute the mitigating activity if any risk materializes

6) Report risk situation throughout the software development project


As a lead management system software development company, we have previously faced many situations that involved risks. Yes, professionals also go through the risky development process. However, since we have been doing this for a long time, we know what we should do to reduce the problems. You may find below solutions useful to Manage Risks:


Acceptance: First of all, as an entrepreneur, you have to comprehend the fact that you have a risk in the project. And you have to recognize that the risk is impacting adversely.


Avoid: Adjust project scope, schedule, or restrictions to reduce the consequences of the risk.


Control: Take immediate and notable action to reduce the impact or minimize the intensification of the risk.


Transfer: If you know the details of risk, it is time you consolidate with the subject expert and move the job to a responsible person who can take care of this. The person must be accountable to solve the issue.


Continue Monitoring: Once you transfer the risk to a concern person the job doesn’t end here. You have to stay involved until the problem gets solved. So, keep up the communications and ask for a status report and challenge details.


Risk management is not an easy job. It requires extreme discipline and the right tool to do the job. To achieve a successful outcome, project leadership must identify, assess, prioritize, and manage all of the major risks and must stay focused on the goal. As a Lead management software development company we know how hard it is to mitigate any risks. However, if you think it is too much work and if you don’t know how to choose the best LMS software, then give the chance of the custom software development process to a specialist who has a proven track record of offering solutions to the enterprise within the deadline.

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