Why do online retailers need an e-Commerce CRM?

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The importance of a healthy customer relationship is well known to many entrepreneurs. However, when you are engaging with thousands of different types of customers, making every one of them happy can be a difficult task. Businesses like e-commerce always had a chance to communicate with a diverse audience. And thus for e-commerce business owners, converting them into customers is always a challenging task.


However, e-commerce CRM solutions in this regard can help you achieve a lot with minimum effort. It is a technology that was designed to handle millions of customers’ profile, their needs, wellbeing and more. If you are still overlooking the importance of CRM in the e-commerce industry, then here are five reasons you must consider before making any decision:


Customer Segmentation: Have you ever thought why ecommerce giants like Amazon or Flipkart always know what you need to buy next? There’s no black magic behind this! They have integrated a CRM that analyses your purchasing history and recommends your next product/ services based on these data. Guess what; you can do that exactly for your online business as well! Studies have shown that idle ecommerce CRM solutions can boost overall sales by 24% simply by recommending the next product/ service to users.


Enhanced Marketing: According to research, more than 70% of customers want to personalize ads. However, if you have thousands of users, how would you know their preference? Tracking thousands of users for a human in a spreadsheet is definitely a daunting task. And this is why futuristic entrepreneurs starting to look towards e-commerce CRM software. This software is capable enough to track and manage every user’s data and fetch them towards the marketing team to understand what they need and want. This data includes information like their age, spending pattern, purchasing history, location and more.


Order Management: Every ecommerce businesses require a great order/ inventory management system to track their warehouse. If you have been suffering from over or under stocking lately, it is a time when you take a glance at ecommerce CRM solutions. Made by a software development company, this tool can offer exceptionally detailed insight into the warehouse. Use this data to manage, track or even to predict future stock requirements.


Ultimately, e-commerce CRM can become a great help for your sales reps. when they know what prospects are looking for and what they need, it would be easier for them to offer an interesting deal. This will boost sales and ROI & makes your sales teams the best on the market. So are you ready to reap benefits from the eCommerce CRM software? Get in touch with the best CRM software development company if you need more information.

Popular CRM Trends in 2020

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Technology is constantly evolving. Take our beloved CRM into account. In the beginning, CRM was mainly used to manage the customer database. However, today, to fulfil the growing demand of its users, it has become more than a contact book. It has grown to be an exceptional tool that can manage almost every aspect of the business. This is the reason it is essential to keep a sharp eye on the continuous development of the CRM, so you have the best option for your business.


In this post, we’ve collected the top CRM trends you should understand for 2020 and beyond. You can use this prediction as a guide for what to anticipate from the CRM software in 2020.


AI: If there’s one common thing that is making its way into different industries, its artificial intelligence (AI). AI has become so common in our day to day life; we barely notice it is being actively used. According to studies, almost 30 % of the worlds’ most successful and recognized 1,028 organizations are currently making use of AI technology other 40% said they will begin the AI integration soon. CRM infused with AI help business in many ways. In fact, it is stated that at the end of 2021, the AI-driven Sales CRM will help boost business revenue by $1.1 trillion.


Social CRM keeps rising: Social CRM gives business billions of possibilities to sell and grow. Made by professional CRM software Development Company, this tool gives detail insight into a particular user and their interaction with the brand. This custom CRM software collects information from the customer profile and helps to build a marketing plant that catches customer attention fast. Also, CRM improves business efficiency and boost your B2B marketing efforts.


Voice assistant in CRM: In 2016, Google stated that 20% of mobile searches were deriving from voice searches. Comscore has also foretold that 50% of all searches could come through voice-activated virtual assistant by 2020. As we move into the 2020s, the increase of voice-controlled virtual assistant method and supporting hardware will likely alter the way marketers do their job – which implies voice and conversational UI in the custom CRM software is not far away.


To Conclude…

Entrepreneurs have diverse options when it comes to buying CRM. However, to get the best out of the CRM software Development, one must take decisions wisely. Or else, they will lag behind the competitors. Needless to mention how competitive the market is, and in order to stay ahead, it is crucial you apply tomorrows’ technology today.

The Reasons for CRM Failure

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No one spends their precious time and cash to see their CRM integration failed. However, according to market research, more than 63% of CRM owners do come through this stage. So why the success of CRM so fragmented? Find below the most common problem that causes a total CRM failure.


Scope Creep: Before contacting the software development company, make sure you know why you want a CRM. What we mean by this is, what kind of problem you want to solve after integration of the CRM? Understanding your CRM goal is as crucial as the development of the tool. Without knowing where to go, how can you reach your destination?


Low adoption: Lack of adoption plays a significant role in CRMs’ demise. This happens when your employees neglect to use the CRM. Now, it has been proven that most of the time it is not their fault. Because if the CRM is complicated, not intuitive and boring who will use the tool for hours anyway? Would you love a tool that you must use for 5 hours with boring UI and unresponsive navigation? This is the reason when you hire a CRM software development company, you must check their portfolio page first.


Lack of Training: No matter how sophisticated your CRM is, people who are going to use it must know their way around. To use CRM software, there’s a learning curve and everyone must pass through it. If you think you can give a brief and that’s it, then your employees will face problems to use the tool effectively. If you want your team to make the most of the CRM software, don’t skimp on training.


Inexperienced vendor: Can a CRM fail because of its vendor? Yes, of course! Some CRM vendor develops CRM for the sake of building it. Sometimes they even offer a bare minimum option, so they can make it quick and before the deadline. It is thus crucial you only select the CRM software development company that has a professional track record, like CRIMS.


Avoiding Failure


CRM comes with many benefits. However, the integration does fail at a great rate, but failure is avoidable with the right and calculated approach. And don’t think CRM is a one-time project. It’s a continuous process that needs vision, plan commitment and right Custom CRM software Development Company to be successful.


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